Verbal Reasoning Second Term Examinations Primary 6

Answer all the questions
Section A: Each of the following words lettered A – D described what the other three are. Write the best word which describes the other 1.) (a) engineering (b) law (c) medicine (d) profession ______________
2.) (a) day (b) mouth (c) period (d) year ______________
3.) (a) church (b) market (c) mosque (d) place ______________
4.) (a) ailment (b) fever (c) stomach ache (d) headache ______________
5.) (a) engine oil (b) groundnut oil (c) kerosene (d) liquid ______________Section B: Pick of the word that does not belong to the group
6.) (a) Bus (b) Lorry (c) Canoe (d) Car ______________
7.) (a) Dance (b) Road (c) Ball (d) Sleep ______________
8.) (a) Vehicle (b) Valley (c) Hole (d) Well ______________
9.) (a) River (b) Forest (c) Stream (d) Ocean ______________
10.) (a) Sing (b) Whistle (c) Whisper (d) Jump ______________Section C: Write out the letter that would complete the word
Sample: (a) bal ( l ) ight ball, light (b) marke ( t ) able market, table 11.) Begi ( ) ice (a) b (b) n (c) k (d) o
12.) Abou ( ) eacher (a) d (b) f (c) t (d) o
13.) Lette ( ) epeat (a) p (b) o (c) f (d) r
14.) Tes ( ) op (a) d (b) t (c) f (d) n
15.) Churc ( ) our (a) h (b) f (c) o (d) m Section D: Choose the opposite from the given option
16.) Present (a) take (b) official (c) absent (d) care
17.) Ugly (a) present (b) beautiful (c) king (d) first
18.) Divide (a) Sweet (b) weak (c) share (d) multiply
19.) Handsome (a) ugly (b) hot (c) rude (d) eat
20.) Question (a) write (b) wrong (c) answer (d) book Section E: Fill the gap with the right option from the given alternatives
Sample: The criminal case decided at the ______
(a) bar (b) chamber (c) church (d) law court Ans = law court
21.) After a long trial, the judge ______________ the innocent man
(a) acquitted (b) convicted (c) dismissed (d) punished
22.) It is always good to _______________ a qualified doctor when one is ill
(a) approach (b) consult (c) contact (d) inform
23.) Please ______________ the radio to FRC. I want to listen to National News
(a) move (b) roll (c) tune (d) turn
24.) I am trying to make my writing ______________ so that people can read it without difficulty
(a) legible (b) suitable (c) visible (d) appropriate
25.) Soccer ___________________ feel disappointed when their darling team fails to play well
(a) fans (b) followers (c) players (d) spectator Section E: Write out the letter that will complete the word
Samples: blanke ( t ) able Wor ( d ) own
26.) Give ( ) trife (a) s (b) o (c) d (d) q
27.) Bor ( ) ose (a) n (b) p (c) s (d) d
28.) Lea ( ) low (a) f (b) s (c) d (d) n
29.) Mea ( ) eam (a) t (b) r (c) c (d) o
30.) Mada ( ) ad (a) m (b) t (c) s (d) cVerbal Reasoning Second Term Examinations Primary 6

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