1.)   The work place of a blacksmith is called ____________. (a) Court  (b) Forge (c) Surge
2.)   Two or more metals are combined to form another metal called ____________ (a) Copper (b) Alloy (c) Gold
3.)    The following are methods used in metal work except ____________ (a) sewing (b) casting (c) soldering
4.)   Someone whose job is making and repairing iron and metal objects is known as a _____________. (a) blacksmith (b) iron maker (c) gold smith
5.)   A person who makes jewellery out of gold is called ______________ (a) blacksmith (b) jewelers (c) goldsmith
6.)   Cleaning with water and other cleaning agent is called ____________ (a) Dry cleaning (b) Laundry (c) washing
7.)   When cleaning is done without water, it is called _______________ (a) Dry cleaning (b) sun cleaning (c) water cleaning
8.)   A place where laundry takes place is called a ______________                (a) toilet (b) Laundry (c) workshop
9.)   __________ is a place where self service laundry takes place.                     (a) Laundry (b) Laundromat (c) launder
10.)                     Clothes are kept before and after cleaning in a ______________ (a) washer (b) laundry basket (c) Wheel barrow
11.)                     The following are tools that can be found in a laundry except ___________. (a) washing machine (b) dry rack (c) sewing machine
12.)                     ___________ is used to stiffen clothes (a) blue (b) starch                  (c) soap
13.)                      To remove stains from clothes, one needs a ___________                   (a) starch (b) pressing iron (c) stain remover
14.)                     Bleach is a chemical that _____________ clothes (a) whitens (b) colours (c) dirty
15.)                     Laundry and dry cleaning is a profession for men only. (a) True (b) False (c) Maybe
16.)                     Someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risks of the business is called ___________ (a) owner                                   (b) entrepreneur (c) entrepreneurship
17.)                     The ability to be able to exercise self-control and maintain focus in business is ___________ (a) passion (b) creativity                      (c) discipline
18.)                     The qualities of an entrepreneur that requires one not to give up on the  business, no matter the situation is called ____________                (a) passion (b) self started (c) determination
19.)                     One of the advantages of an entrepreneur is ________________(a) doing what you hate most (b) doing what is wrong at the wrong time (c) doing what you love best
20.)                     An entrepreneur can only be a man. (a) True (b) False                       (c) Maybe
Section B: Theory
1a.) What is Entrepreneurship?
1b.) List five qualities of an entrepreneur
2a.) List four advantages of entrepreneurship.
2b.) Mention four problems facing entrepreneur in Nigeria.
3a.) Define Metal work.
3b.) Mention four methods used in Metal work.
4a.) Who is a black smith?
4b.) List five products of a black smith
5a.) Explain the following:
i.)                Laundry cleaning
ii.)              Dry cleaning
5b.) Mention four tools used by a dry cleaner or Launder and their uses.                                                                                                                                  
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