SECOND TERM EXAMINATION 2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 6                                                         SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE NAME:……………………………………………………………………………………   Read Passage A and B carefully and answer the question on them Part A: Comprehension Passage A It was the Christmas holiday; I had gone to bed rather early because I had been up late at a party the night before and was feeling very tired. I must have been asleep for about three hours when I was preparing palm-nut soup for a crowd of my school friends, who were all telling me that I must take care to really make good soup because the Queen was coming to eat her Christmas dinner with us. In my dream, I stirred and stirred the soup but it became thicker and drier, and the fire grew hotter and hotter, until the soup stuck to its side of the pot and began to burn, with a bitter choking smell, full of horror at my ridiculous dream, I jerked awake, but the acrid smell of burning still stung my nostrils. There was really something burning and it was not a dream. Jumping out of bed I ran across to my window and flung open the shutters, it was moonlight and although I could not see any flames, the smell of burning was stronger, looking about, I soon saw the wisp of smoke curling up through the shutter of Mr. Baah’s store across the street.









. 1.)   The writer went to bed early because (a) it was Christmas period (b) he was tired (c) he wanted to go to a party (d) he was feeling sleepy (e) he wanted to prepare palm soup



. 2.)   The writer dreamt that (a) he attended a party (b) the queen visited him (c) he was playing with his school friends (d) he was cooking palm-nut soup (e) he was eating good soup  



.. 3.)   The narrator’s school friends asked him to make good soup because (a) they were hungry         (b) the queen would eat with them (c) the soup was thick and dry (d) the soup was burning         (e) the fire was growing hotter and hotter  





. 4.)   The narrator was forced to wake up because _________   (a) he was afraid (b) the house was burning (c) he heard a loud voice (d) a friend came (e) the queen visited him




.. 5.)   When the narrator woke up he discovered that (a) the fire was growing hotter and hotter (b) something was really burning (c) the Queen was waiting for him (d) he was at a Christmas dinner (e) his soup pot was burning



.. Passage B        



.. My father died when I was eight years old and I cried bitterly when I head of his death. I loved him and all my memories of him are sweet ones.         He was a strict man, always expecting to be obeyed without questions. He ruled his family with a firm hand but only once did he beat me. Until the day he died, I do not think I shall forget that beating my father gave me.



.. I was sore for days afterwards and he had to treat me with some soothing medicine.         For a believer in non violence, this is not a pleasant story to tell. Perhaps it was that early disapproval by my father that taught me not to fight with fellow man. It is so long ago that I now forget what the quarrel was about; all I can remember is that I was very angry over something with the young son of the school master at Surulere.



.. He was just my age and for the first time in my life, I went for him, in a moment, I had him on the ground sitting astride him and rained blows upon his head.         As luck would have it, father came by and saw me beating his colleagues son. That was the end of the fight and the causes of the beating. Each time my father applies his healing medicine, he rubbed into the small childish mind the wickedness of fighting.  



.. Questions




. 6.)   The writer mourned his father’s death because (a) of his father’s strictness (b) of his tender age (c) he loved his father (d) his father hated him (e) his mother was very poor



.. 7.)   The narrator did not feel like telling the story of why he was beaten by his father because ___ (a) he beat his friend mercilessly (b) he was ashamed (c) he hated violence (d) of the injuries he sustained (e) he was angry  



… 8.)   The expression he was a strict man as used in the passage means that the narrator’s father was_____ (a) honest (b) devoted (c) severe (d) brave (e) loving  




.. 9.)   The narrator vowed never to fight with his fellow man because ______ (a) his father did not support the use of force (b) he disgraced his fellow boy (c) his opponent was the son of a school master (d) he was beaten up by a boy (e) his father was the minister of a church  




.. 10.) What caused the fight between the narrator and the son of the school master? ____ (a) the son of the school master insulted him (b) the narrator felt he could bully the school master’s son (c) the narrator could not remember anything about the cause of the fight (d) the narrator just wanted to play with the school master’s son (e) the school master’s son was a coward




... Part B: Write out the antonyms of the underlined words from the given alternative




… 11.) Every dog barks at strange objects (a) some (b) that (c) no (d) this (e) A



.. 12.) We sometimes visits the sick and the disabled in the hospital (a) normally (b) occasionally (c) scarcely (d) rarely (e) often



13.) The prefects were provided with all the materials they needed in the farm (a) familiar with (b) supplied with (c) reminded of (d) prepared for (e) deprived of



.. 14.) Musa was known for his strength (a) size (b) wickedness (c) smallness (d) weakness (e) foolishness



15.) Food stuffs are abundant in the new market (a) many (b) surplus (c) plentiful (d) scare (e) cheap  



.. Part C: Write out the synonyms of the underlined words from the given alternatives



.. 16.) It is difficult to give up the idea (a) forget about (b) stop questioning (c) stop trying (d) push up (e) give out



.. 17.) Food was served to the people who attended the worship service (a) spectators (b) crowd (c) congregation (d) members (e) multitude



.. 18.) The state governor implored his people to work for the advancement of the people at the grassroots (a) pleasure (b) publicity (c) advent (d) death (e) progress  



.. 19.) My father begged me to continue with my studies         (a) stop (b) go on (c) start (d) settle (e) push off



.. 20.) If you are not careful Tunde, you will harm yourself (a) injure (b) arm (c) hammer (d) lift (e) wash  



.. Part D: Choose the appropriate word from the box to fill the blank space

Off                  between                     of                    by                    among




2.. 1.) She travelled to Enugu ____________________ bus



.. 22.) Divide the apples ______________________ the twelve girls



23.) My box is made ______________________ iron



..24.) Share the potatoes ______________________ the twins



25.) The lorry ran ________________________ the road and fell into the ditch.  ..




. Part E:



.. Write a composition that is not less than ten lines on My School    


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