Professional Bodies in Nigeria.

Read the following questions and pick the best answer from the given alternative
The physical part of computer that can be seen and touched is called ______
data (b) software (c) hardware (d) handphone

The brain or engine of a computer is called ____
mouse (b) pot (c) keyboard (d) system unit

A device that is used to type messages on the computer is called ____
mouse (b) keyboard (c) monitor (d) UPS

Mostly a monitor has a power cable and a _____ cable
monitor (b) signal (c) charge (d) data

One of these is an example of non electric device _____
radio (b) book (c) television (d) fan

What does a monitor look like? ___ (a) CD (b) television (c) Video (d) keyboard

Internet means ______
device input (b) information network (c) international network (d) international flight

The eagle on the National coat of Arm signifies ____
strength (b) dignity (c) rivers (d) fertile soil

The two horses on the National Coat of Arm stand for ____
strength (b) dignity (c) rivers (d) fertile soil

The Y shape on the national coat of Arm stands for major ____ in Nigeria
strength (b) dignty (c) rivers (d) fertile soil

A first class Oba in Yoruba land wears a ____ (a) buba (b) crown (c) bead (d) shoe

Blue and yellow when mixed together in equal quantity will give us colour ____
white (b) red (c) green (d) black

Which of the following bones protects the human heart and lungs ____
skull (b) rib cage (c) humerus (d) column vertebrae

Juice can be extracted from ____ (a) egg (b) beans (c) fruits (d) cotton

A carpenter makes ____ objects (a) golden (b) metallic (c) wooden (d) iron

This device is used by a carpenter to drive in nails into wood and it is called a ____
hammer (b) saw (c) smooth (d) clamp

A _____ is used by a carpenter to cut wood into various pieces
smooth (b) clamp (c) saw (d) hammer

A _____ makes and repairs shoes (a) journalist (b) cobbler (c) goldsmith (d) caretaker

A ______ is used by both a bricklayer and a farmer
head towel (b) scissors (c) plum (d) keyboard

One of the following is suitable for serving drinks at home ____
trolley (b) tray (c) sieve (d) basket

The process of washing, ironing and making clothes suitable for use is known as ____
washing (b) washer man (c) laundry (d) starch

The process of food preparation with dry heat that is generated by charcoal is known as ____ (a) boiling (b) roasting (c) frying (d) steaming

The method of food preparation that involves the use of water with heat is known as ____
boiling (b) frying (c) smoking (d) baking

The first medical treatment given to an injured person before the arrival of a doctor is called ____ aid treatment (a) lost (b) first (c) school (d) care

The aircrafts is to a pilot as the ship is to a ____ (a) captain (b) cyclist (c) driver (d) pilot

The sense organ of touch is ____ (a) ear (b) eye (c) nose (d) skin

The part of the building that provides access to in and out of a building is called ____
ceiling (b) door (c) lintel (d) roof

_____ is a good conductor of electricity (a) copper (b) papper (c) elastic (d) rubber

“Akara” is a snake that is prepared by _____ (a) baking (b) frying (c) boiling

A device that is used by a doctor heart beat or breathing is ____
(a) foreceps (b) stethoscope (c) thermometer (d) compass

Part B: Theory
Mention four carpeting tools
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

Mention four vocation and the people in that vocation
Vocation People in the vocation
_______________________________ ______________________________________
_______________________________ ______________________________________
_______________________________ ______________________________________
_______________________________ ______________________________________

Mention four computer hardwares
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

Write out the following professional body abbreviations in full
ICAN ___________________________________________________________________
COREN _________________________________________________________________
CIBN ___________________________________________________________________
CIMN ___________________________________________________________________

List four indoor sports
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

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