Primary 5 Computer Studies Examination Guide Computer Studies Primary 5 Third Term Lesson Notes


  1. The full meaning of ‘www’ is: World Wide Web
  2. Terrorism is one of the disadvantages of the internet.
  3. The biggest of the computers based on classification on size is: Supercomputer
  4. The generation of computers uses Artificial Intelligence: Fifth generation
  5. A motherboard is found in: Every generation of computers (it is a core component in all computers)
  6. computers are designed for a single person’s use: Personal computers
  7. A scanner is used to transfer images or documents into the computer system.
  8. Is dot-matrix a type of computer printer?: Yes
  9. Which Function key is used to open the help screen and CMOS setup?: F1
  10. Mention one type of computer mouse: Optical mouse

Label the below mouse parts:

  1. Left Button
  2. Scroll Wheel
  3. Right Button
  4. Body
  5. Sensor
  1. After powering on a computer system, it will boot and come to a graphical user interface (GUI) environment.
  2. The two negative sides of the internet are: Cyberbullying and Hacking
  3. The word ‘Internet’ means: A global network connecting millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks.
  4. This icon represents which internet browser: (This would depend on the specific icon shown, typically could be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)
  5. A television set can be used to play video games. TRUE or FALSE: TRUE
  6. How many Function keys does a computer keyboard have?: 12 (F1 to F12)

Which unit of the hardware components are these devices?

  1. System Unit = Processing
  2. Light pen = Input
  3. Monitor = Output
  4. Magnetic tape = Storage
  5. Viruses or malware affects the smooth running of the computer system.
  6. The most used computer input device is the: Keyboard
  7. State one reason why we should always clean our computers: To prevent dust buildup which can cause overheating and damage components.
  8. Unwanted files deleted from the computer can still be retrieved in the: Recycle Bin or Trash