Primary 4 Second Term Examination

Edu Delight Tutors            2nd Term Examination March 2023

Name:_____________________________Class:  Grade 4     Subject: Handwriting               

Instruction:  Rewrite these sentences clearly and correctly using NELSON Handwriting Style, on the writing sheet provided. Pay attention to your upper and lower case letters, alphabet formation, paragraph formation and punctuation marks.


Soil is the mixture of very tiny pieces of rock, rotten plants, and tiny creatures that cover the earth. Soil also contains water and air. We cannot live without it to grow our food. So it is extremely important for farmers to have the best soil possible.


Edu Delight Tutors  Lagos                                       2nd Term Examination. March, 2023.

Name:__________________________________ ____________Class:  Grade 4

Subject: Physical & Health Education Instruction:  Answer all questions


  1. Which of the following activities does not build up strength? (A) Pull-up (B) Snoring (C) Press up.
  2. The game of football is played using a______ (A) Solid Ball (B) Bouncing Ball (C) Square ball
  3. All these are examples of ball game except(A) Hockey (B) Long jump ( C) Volleyball
  4. Volleyball is what shape? (A) Round (B) Flat (C) Rectangular
  5. Christian Ronaldo play which of the ball games (A) Tennis (B) Hockey (C) Football
  6. Which of these items do you need to play volleyball (A) Rocket (B) Jersey (C ) Helmet
  7. Endurance activities are activities that are vigorously performed over a long period of time. True or False.
  8. The amount of force a muscle group can exert against a resistance is called ___ (A) Power (B) Speed(C) Strength
  9. Which of these steps is involved in high jump (A) forward match  (B) Take – off (C ) At ease
  10. How long is a basketball court? (A) 28 meters (B) 40 meters (C) 1 meter
  11. A volleyball can have ___ colours. (a) only three (b) zero (c) more than two
  12. Football, basketball and hockey are examples of ___ games. (a) running (b) ball (c) jumping
  13. Rackets are used to play which of the following ball games (a) football (b) tennis (c) volleyball
  14. Goal posts areused when playing which of the following? (a) football (b) volleyball (c)tennis 
  15. Line flags are used by ___ (a) footballers (b) linesmen (c) runners
  16. Goalposts in football are guarded by ___ (a) protectors (b) goalkeepers (c) blockers
  17. One of the flowing is NOT a skill in basketball (a) shooting (b) passing (c) kicking
  18. The supply of food materials required by organisms and cells to stay alive is known as ___ (a) feeding (b) nutrition (c) digestion
  19. Palm oil is an example of ___ nutrients (a) mineral salts (b) vitamins (c) fats and oil
  20. The nutrient that provide the required energy for the body is called ___ (a) protein (b) carbohydrates (c) water


  1. What is Nutrition? 
  2. Highlight four (4) types of ball games.

2b) List three (3) Safety Measures in playing ball games

  1. Explain “Nutrition Deficiency Diseases”

3b)List three (3) examples of nutriention Deficiency Diseases 

  1. Outline four (4) classes of food

4b.) State two (2) examples for three out of the outlined classes of food 

Edu Delight Tutors   2nd Term Examination. March, 2023.

Name:__________________                    _ Class: (Grade 4)  Subject: CIVIC And SECURITY EDUCATION                SECTION A: OBJECTIVE     Instruction:  Answer all questions


  1. A _____ leader allows his followers to make decisions. (a) Military (b) democratic (c) autocratic.
  2. The idea about what is right or wrong which is important in life is known as____ (a) culture (b) customs (c) value.
  3. A constitutional means of removing bad leaders is called _____ (a) removal (b) voting (c) election (d) impeachment.
  4. A person who directs the affairs of the people to achieve goals is called ______ (a) king (b) leader (c) follower.
  5. Which of the following is a cause of natural disasters? (a) heavy rains (b) lack of electricity (c) having plenty children
  6. The feeling one has as a member of a particular nation is called ____ (a) national consciousness (b) national seriousness (c) national fever (d) national independence.
  7. What is the main duty of the Independent National Electoral Commission?(a) To register voters (b) to manage the political parties (c) to conduct elections.
  8. Which arm of government makes the law? (a)The Executive (b) the Judiciary (c) the Legislative.
  9. The following are the consequences of poor services rendered by the government except ____ (a) high cost of living (b) poor living condition (b) provision of jobs for the people
  10. ____ is one reason why it is difficult for the government to provide services. (a) Mismanagement of Fund b) Lack of good roads c) Honesty
  1. The primary function of the legislative arm of government is ____ (a) Law making b) Noise making c) Road sweeping  
  2.  Each state has representatives in the ____ (a) National assembly b) Federal house c) National airport
  3. The leader of the senate is called ____ (a) Local government head b) Senate president c) Gang leader
  4. Hospitals provide ___ to citizens of a country (a) Medical money b) Medical care c) Medical road
  5. Which government is the nearest to the people? (a) Local government (b) federal government (c) state government
  6. One of the following is the duty of pupils in the school. (a) Care for public property (b) injuring others (c) bullying 
  7. ________ are serious situation where we need the help of others (a) crime (b) emergency (c) citizenship 
  8. Precautionary measures on personal security include the following except ________ (a) being careful with strangers (b) avoiding fake drugs (c) avoiding many people.
  9.  Trying to sniff or taste any form of chemical or drug can be ——– (a) safe (b) exciting (c) Interesting (d) dangerous
  10. When was The Last Presidential Election in Nigeria  conducted? a) January 25th b) February 25th c) March 11th


SECTION B: THEORY – Answer all questions

  1. State two (2) ways of checking the excesses of a bad leader.
  1. Describe Bad Leadership 
  1. List two (2) areas in which individuals can assist the government in providing essential services.
  2. List the Three Arms of Government

4) Highlight 🍀 (4) qualities of a good leader.

5) What are Emergencies?


Edu Delight Tutors  Lagos   2nd Term Examination. March, 2023.

Name: __________________                    _Class: (Grade 4) Subject:    Creative and Cultural Art                                       


  1. The type of drawings that show things created by God is called ______ (a) life drawing (b) nature drawing (c) still life drawing.
  2. The following are used for wood decoration EXCEPT (a) chisel (b) sandpaper (c) stone
  3. A modern house is built with________ (a) mud (b) bamboo (c) brick
  4. Music notation is used to represent __________ (a) music jams (b) music hip-hop (c) music sounds
  5. The act of being truthful and sincere is called ______(a) honesty (b) sleeping (c) obedience
  6. The musical note with the shape of an egg is called ____ (a) breve (b) crotchet (c) semi-breve 
  7. The place where art works are displayed is called ______ (a) museum (b) art gallery (b) national art theatre (c) art studio.
  8. Which of these is important in play creation (a) songs (b) themes (c) dancers
  9. The staff notation has ________ lines (a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 7
  10. The flat wood used for drawing is called a ______ (a) pallets (b) drawing board (c) canvas.
  11. What am I? I have two beats as my value _______ (a) minim (b) quaver (c) semi-quaver
  12. The main material used in wood decoration  is the ______ (a) pot (b) wood (c) bowl
  13. Which of these music note has a tail? (a) minim (b) quaver (c) crotchet
  14. Our local raw materials are used to produce the following except _______ (a) local mat (b) local hand fan (c) pillow (d) local basket.
  15. The modulator deals with the ______ and ________ of the sound (a) sloping and jumping (b) rising and slanting (c) rising and falling 
  16. What is the moulded image of a person? (a) Statue (b) imagery (c) still life.
  17. The differences in our various culture is caused by different ________ backgrounds (a) historic (b) theoretic (c) power (d) style.
  18. _________ and ________ are ways of respecting people’s views. (a) Words, actions (b) beliefs, traditions (c) admiration, respect.
  19. The duration of the sound depends on the note’s __________ (a) breadth (b) length (c) size
  20.  Which of the following can be used to represent the duration of the music sound? a) pitch (b) note (c) staff

SECTION B: THEORY – Answer all questions

  1. a. What is integrity?

1b. List four (4) benefits of integrity.

  1. Enumerate four (4):important feature needed when creating a play

2b) List two (2) Materials for building Traditional houses in Nigeria 

  1. Explain “Dance”

3b) Highlight Four (4): Components of dance

  1. What are music notes?

4b) Highlight three (3)  Musical Notes and their value 

Edu Delight Tutors  Lagos   2nd Term Examination. March, 2023.

Name: ________________________________________________________Class: (Grade 4) 

Subject: SOCIAL STUDIES AND NEWS& CONVERSATION           SECTION A: OBJECTIVE     Instruction:  Answer all questions


The country Nigeria is on the __________ continent (a) Africa (b) Asia (c) Europe

  1. The union of man and a woman is called _________ (a) fusion (b) engagement (c) marriage
  2. One of the problems people face when they live together is ______ (a) love (b) peace (c) good feeling (d) disagreement.
  3. _____ is when two persons who are not mature get married at a very tender age. (a) trial marriage (b) fast marriage (c) early marriage
  4.  Engagement ceremony takes place at the family home of the _______ (a) man (b) woman (c) friends
  5. Diversity can be defined as _____ (a) Differences among people or things (b) Customs and Traditions (c) Ceremonies and Festivals. 
  6. In  marriage the man is called _______ (a) Groom (b) Bride (c) Union 
  7. Who conduct the marriage in a Muslim marriage? _______ (a) Oluwo (b) Imam (c) Pastor 
  8. ___ and ___ are important in marriage for it to last. (a) Love and Hatred (b) Love and Understanding (c) Misunderstanding 
  9. _____marriage allows a man to marry up to four wives (a) Court Marriage (b) Muslim (c) Christian
  10. In a marriage, the man is called the groom, while the woman is called the ___ (a) Gentleman b) Lady c) Bride
  11. To avoid AIDS, Husband and Wife must be ____ (a) Faithful  b) Untrustworthy c) Intolerant 
  12. One can get infected with AIDS through ____ (a) Handshake b) Laughing c) Blood transfusion 
  13. The most important duty of the National Electoral Commission is to ________ (a) register voters and their votes(b) manage the Political Parties (c) Form Political Parties
  14. The first storey building in Nigeria during the colonial era is located in _____ (a) Aba (b) Calabar (c) Badagry


SECTION B: THEORY – Answer all questions 

1) What is Marriage?

2)List Three(3) ways of promoting Unity in Cultural Diversity 

3) Highlight three (3) characteristics of Responsible Sexual Behavior

4) Enumerate three (3) Characteristics that the different Tribes in Nigeria have in common.

Fill in the Correct answers:

The Female Vice Chancellor in Nigeria __________________________________

The first female to Write a book ________________________________________


SECTION C: THEORY – Answer all questions 

Write the full meaning of the following abbreviation.

N.U.T ___________________________________

W.W.W. _________________________________

N.B.A. ___________________________________

N.T.A. __________________________________

P.H.C.N _________________________________


Edu Delight Tutors   2nd Term Examination. March, 2023.

Name:__________________________________Class: (Grade 4)  Subject: BASIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ___________Instruction:  Answer all questions

SECTION B: THEORY – Answer all questions

  1. Highlight four (4) materials used for taking care of the environment.

1b) State two (2) differences between Heat and Temperature 

  1. What are joints?

2b)   Enumerate three (3) functions of Joints   

3)  What is energy?

3b) List five (5) examples  of bones in the human body

4) Describe “Drawing”

4b) Highlight four (4) drawing instruments.

4c) Draw one of the listed instruments in 4b


SECTION B: THEORY – Answer all questions


Edu Delight Tutors   2nd Term Examination. March, 2023.

Name:__________________                    _ Class: (Grade 4)   Subject: Agriculture Instruction:  Answer all questions



  1.  Field pests cause harm to plant in/on  ______ (a) bans (b) the field (c) the houses
  2. Which of these is not a wild animal? a) Cow b) Lion c) Snake 
  3. Destructive insects or rodents are called ________ (a) Friends (b) Pests(c) Pets
  4. Chicken are reared or kept in a ______ a) Pen b) Shed c) Coop
  5. The following are common agents that cause diseases to crops except ____a) Virus b) Fungi c) Bacteria d) Boil
  6. A pest can cause ______ to crops a) Growth  b) Damage c) Dvelopment
  7. Crops and Livestock can be affected by _____ a) Fly b) Pest c) Plant d) books
  8. Which of these is not an example of Insect Pests? a) Weevil b) Birds c) Grasshopper
  9. Pests can cause the following to the plant except (a) Disease (b) Low crops yield (c) High crop yields 
  10. Which of these methods can be used to control Pest? (a) Physical Method (b) Ignore Method (c) Industrial Method 
  11. Living organisms that live on other living organism thereby causing harm are known as _____ a) Parasites b) Pest c) Disease 
  12. The following are Physical Method of controlling Pest on the farm except ______ a) The use of Pesticides b) Using hand to pick and kill the Pest c) Using locally made traps 
  13. There are _____ method of controlling pest on the Farm a) two b) four c) seven d) three
  14. Eating of contaminated food by farm animals can lead to the following except _____ a) Stomach ache b) Vomiting c) Stooling d) Sound Health
  15. Which of the following is an example of a rodent? a) Goat b) Dog c) Rabbit  d) Cat
  16. Weeds grow in an/a ________ place (a) wanted (b) unwanted (c) most wanted
  17. Safe science provides information________ (a) safe (b) law and order (c) occupation
  18.  The Planting of crops and rearing of animals for man’s use or consumption is ________ (a) Planting (b) Farming (c) Growing 
  19. What can be added to the soil to make plant grow? (a) Pesticides (b) Manure (c) Weed
  20.  Grasshopper cause damage  to _______ (a) Leaves  (b) Paper (c) Chick 


SECTION B: THEORY – Answer all questions 

  1. a. What are pests?
  1. State three methods of controlling Pest.
  1. List three (3) Pest see qand the types of plant they affect.
  2. What are weeds?

3b) State four (4) effects of eating contaminated food

  1. Explain “Diseases”

4b) Highlight three (3) Causal agents of Crop Diseases 


Edu Delight Tutors  2nd term Examination. March, 2023

Name: __________________                    _ Class: (Grade 4)   

Subject: Home Economics   Instruction:  Answer all questions 


  1. Which of the following is NOT an example of Family Resources? (a) human resources (b) material resources (c) school resources
  2. Which of these nvolves the use of pins and yarns to make clothes? (a) tailoring (b) Knitting (c) Sewing
  3. Food, housing and clothing are examples of? (a) secondary needs (b) primary needs (c) both A and B
  4. Which of these resources belongs to you alone ? (a) personal (b) family (c) natural
  5. _____ and ______ needs are very important needs which the family cannot do without (a) basic and primary (b) secondary and basic (c) basic and collective 
  6. The activity of making or mending clothes or other things using needle and thread is called ________ (a) construction (b) sewing (c) pattern drafting
  7. Needles are safer when stuck to a _________ (a) glue (b) pin cushion (c) wood hanger
  8. Tools used for needle craft are kept in a ________ (a) Sewing case (b) Sewing Portfolio (c) Sewing box
  9. Careful planning prevents _______ spending. (a) reasonable (b) wasteful (c) many spending.
  10. Using correct tools make sewing work ____ (a) difficult (b) uneasy (c) rough (d) easy and enjoyable.
  11. One of these is NOT an example of simple sewing tools (a) needle (b) scissors (c) embroidery machine 
  12. We should always buy _________ clothes. (a) oversized (b) undersized (c) Right-fit
  13. Resources which exists within an individual is known as _______ (a) material resources (b) human resources (c) medical resources
  14. Which of the following is NOT an example of basic needs (a) food (b) housing (c) car
  15. Dirty and long finger nails _____ (a) attract people (b) painting our finger nails (c) carry disease and germs.
  16. Ironing our school uniform is a way to _________ (a) care for our personal belonging (b) grow tall (c) get richer 
  17. What is the work of fat and oil in the body? (a)Repairing purpose (b) Body building (c) Protection of delicate body parts.
  18. Which of the following is NOT a personal belonging? (a) toothbrush (b) Pants (c) school chair
  19.  Tailor’s chalk is an example of  _________ (a) simple sewing tools (b) hard sewing tools (c) knitting tools 
  20. One way we care for our personal belongings is by _______ (a) washing our clothes (b) tearing our books (c) jumping on our bags


SECTION B: THEORY – Answer all questions 

  1. What are human resources?

1b) State three (3) examples of Personal Resources 

  1. What is Crocheting?

2b) List four (4) simple sewing tools.

  1. What are Basic Human Needs

3b)Highlight two (2) Basic Human Needs

  1. What are Cooking Tools

4b) State Six (6) Cooking Tools 


Edu Delight Tutors   2nd term Examination, March 2023.

Name:__________________                    _ Class: (Grade 4)   

Subject: Christian Religious Studies Instruction:  Answer all questions 



  1. The Disciples gathered in the _______________ room on the day of Pentecost a) Upper b)Lower c) Middle Floor 
  2. Showing compassion and kindness to others is referred to as being ________(a) Merciful (b) Joyous (c) Happy
  3. Peter was able to convert _______ people (a) 3000 (b) 100,000 (c) 1000
  4. God is always ready to ______ and ______ us back to Himself (a) forgive and beat (b) forgive and forget (c) forgive and bring
  5. The unmerciful servant was owing the king_______ talents and unable to pay. (a)1000 (b) 10000 (c) 100000
  6. Jesus was crucified at the ____ time (a) Passover (b) Pentecost (c) vigil
  7. Mathew was a professional _____ (a) banker (b) tax collector (c) accountant
  8. Who showed mercy to the prodigal son? (a) his father (b) his brother (c) his president
  9. King________ made a law that nobody in his kingdom should pray to God (a) David (b) Saul (c) Darius
  10. The Holy Spirit descend on the disciples on the day of________ (a) Passover (b) Pentecost (c) ascension.
  11. Paul was converted on his way to______ (a) Jerusalem (b) Damascus (c)Jericho
  12.  Who reported the unmerciful Servant to the King? a) The Queen (b) Other Servants (c) The Wounded Servant 
  13. Jesus Christ was tempted by Satan after ________ (a) sleeping (b) eating (c) fasting.
  14. Ask and it shall be ________ unto you (a) known (b) given (c) brought 
  15. The Holy Spirit came ______ days after the ascension (a) three (b) ten (c) two
  16. How many books makeup the New Testament? (a) 27 (b) 66 (c) 99 (d) 72 (e) 39.
  17. Esau showed mercy to ________ (a) his wife (b) Jacob (c) Abraham
  18. The descent of the Holy Spirit is also known as the ______ of the Holy Spirit (a) Gong (b) Coming (c) Baptism
  19.  When the Holy Spirit Descended on the disciples, they started _________ a) sleeeping b) speaking in tongues (c) running away
  20. The Pentecost is celebrated ______ days after the Passover (a) 40 (b) 50 (c) 21


SECTION B: THEORY – Answer all questions 

  1. Highlight Five (5) books from the Old Testament and Five (5) from the New Testament.
  2. What is Pentecost?

2b) Highlight two (2) significance of the day of Pentecost 

  1. What is “Mercy”

3b) Listt three (3) ways we can be merciful to others.

  1. Highlight two (2) events of the day of Pentecost. 


Edu Delight Tutors  2nd Term Examination. March, 2023

Name:__________________                    _ Class: (Grade 4)   

Subject: VERBAL REASONING   Instruction:  Answer all questions 


Underline the pair of antonyms in each of the group.

Example: good    Wait    Bad   Neck    Eat

  1. Inside    Import    Export    Input    goods
  2. after    letter    alter    post    before
  3. give    careful      gave  careless  shallow
  4. Soft     shift    wool    wood    hard
  5. Disagree   eager    fast    rage  agree

Choose the right synonym from the box to replace the underlined word and write your answer in the empty bracket.

Cut    get        beautiful     sick      choose  lost    chase     great       big

Example: Bring me a cup of water from the fridge.  (Get)

  1. The police could not find the missing car.  (                  )
  2. Angels are usually pretty (               )
  3.  Some dogs are trained to pursue thieves. (                  )
  4.  The farmer woke up early to weed the grass. (                  )
  5. The teacher picked the best two students for the quiz. (                  )


Form a compound word by choosing an appropriate word from the options to join the word in capital letter. 

Example: GENTLE infant   man   adult

  1. COW  man    woman    boy
  2. DESK  table    top         chair
  3. CAT     animal   fish      dog
  4. BED     bug       fly        insect
  5. UNDER  board   fan      line


Edu Delight Tutors  2nd Term Examination. March, 2023.

Name:__________________                    _ Class: (Grade 4)   

Subject: MATHEMATICS   Instruction:  Answer all questions 

SECTION B: THEORY – Answer all questions (2 marks each)

  1. Find the missing values in the table given below.
length width area
1 8.5cm 6cm
2 25cm 250cm2
3 25cm 800cm2
4 2.7cm 5cm


  1. Complete the Table below 
Distance  Speed Time
1 8.5cm 6cm
2 25cm 250cm2
3 25cm 800cm2
4 2.7cm 5cm


  1. Abu bought a radio for N28850. He sold the radio for N30000. Calculate his profit.
  2. a. If the radius of a circle is 21cm, Find the circumference (π = 227 ).

4b) What is the Diameter of question 4a?

  1. Average monthly temperature for Jos(oc)
Month Average Temperature Month Average Temperature
January 21oc July 21oc
February 23oc August 21oc
March 24oc September 21oc
April 25oc October 22oc
May 24oc November 22oc
June 22oc December 18oc

Answer these questions:

1)  Which months had the highest temperature?

2) Which month had the lowest temperature?

3) By how much was April hotter than December?

4) What is the difference in Temperature between January and December?


 Edu Delight Tutors  2nd Term Examination. March, 2023.

Name:__________________                    _ Class: (Grade 4)   

Subject: Quantitative Reasoning Instruction:  Answer all questions 

2marks each