Mid Term Test Security Education Primary 1 First Term Lesson Notes Week 7

Mid Term Test: Security Education for Primary 1, First Term

Subject: Security Education
Class: Primary 1
Term: First Term
Week: 7 (Mid Term)
Age: 6 years

Instructions: Answer all the questions. Choose the correct option from the given choices.

Section A: Multiple Choice Questions

  1. What does the colour red mean in security signs?
    • a) Go
    • b) Stop
    • c) Slow down
    • d) Be happy
  2. What device is used to take pictures or record videos?
    • a) Microphone
    • b) Camera
    • c) Speaker
    • d) Television
  3. What does CCTV stand for?
    • a) Closed-Circuit Television
    • b) Camera Connection Technology
    • c) Camera Circuit Television
    • d) Closed Connection Technology
  4. Which colour means caution or slow down?
    • a) Blue
    • b) Red
    • c) Yellow
    • d) Green
  5. Which of these is a security gadget used to capture sounds?
    • a) Camera
    • b) Microphone
    • c) Light
    • d) Bell
  6. What should you do when you see a “No Entry” sign?
    • a) Enter quickly
    • b) Stop and not enter
    • c) Run
    • d) Laugh
  7. What is the function of a camera in security?
    • a) To paint walls
    • b) To monitor areas
    • c) To make sounds
    • d) To cook food
  8. The colour green on security signs usually means:
    • a) Stop
    • b) Go or safety
    • c) Danger
    • d) Warning
  9. What is the purpose of a fire extinguisher?
    • a) To take pictures
    • b) To put out fires
    • c) To record sounds
    • d) To make announcements
  10. A place with no fire extinguisher is an example of:
    • a) Safe place
    • b) Secure area
    • c) Source of insecurity
    • d) Playground

Section B: Fill-in-the-blank Questions

  1. The colour that means danger or stop is __________.
    • a) Blue
    • b) Green
    • c) Red
    • d) Yellow
  2. A microphone is used to __________ sounds.
    • a) Capture
    • b) Ignore
    • c) Hide
    • d) Paint
  3. CCTV is used to __________ and record activities in an area.
    • a) Destroy
    • b) Monitor
    • c) Play
    • d) Sleep
  4. The colour yellow means __________.
    • a) Stop
    • b) Danger
    • c) Caution
    • d) Go
  5. A camera is an example of a security __________.
    • a) Game
    • b) Gadget
    • c) Toy
    • d) Food
  6. Ignoring a “Caution” sign can lead to __________.
    • a) Safety
    • b) Injury
    • c) Happiness
    • d) Fun
  7. The colour green is often used for __________ signs.
    • a) Exit
    • b) Danger
    • c) Warning
    • d) Caution
  8. Security gadgets help to keep places __________.
    • a) Dirty
    • b) Safe
    • c) Loud
    • d) Dark
  9. A “No Entry” sign means you should not __________ the area.
    • a) Enter
    • b) Clean
    • c) Leave
    • d) Draw
  10. The colour orange in security signs means __________.
    • a) Warning
    • b) Safety
    • c) Stop
    • d) Go

Section C: Short Answer Questions

  1. List three security gadgets. Answer: Camera, CCTV, Microphone.
  2. What does a red sign usually indicate? Answer: Danger or Stop.
  3. Why is it important to follow security alert signs? Answer: To stay safe and avoid accidents.
  4. What can happen if you ignore a “Caution” sign? Answer: You might get injured.
  5. Name a device used to capture and record sounds. Answer: Microphone.
  6. What does the colour green usually mean in security signs? Answer: Safety or Go.
  7. What is the purpose of CCTV in security? Answer: To monitor and record activities in an area.
  8. Where can you find exit signs? Answer: In buildings, to show the way out during emergencies.
  9. Why are security gadgets important in schools? Answer: To keep students and staff safe.
  10. What should you do when you see a “Stop” sign? Answer: Stop and check for safety.

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