Number Work Kindergarten Age 5 First Term Lesson Notes

Number Work Kindergarten: First Term Weekly Lesson Notes

Subject: Number Work
Class: Kindergarten
Term: First Term
Age: 5 years


This term, we explored various fundamental concepts in number work designed to build a strong foundation in mathematics for kindergarten pupils. The topics covered included identifying and writing numbers, recognizing shapes, telling time, and comparing lengths. Each lesson aimed to enhance pupils’ understanding through interactive activities, songs, and hands-on experiences.

Week-by-Week Breakdown

Week 1: Introduction to Numbers 1-10

Topic: Numbers 1-10

Week 2: Introduction to Numbers 11-20

Topic: Numbers 11-20

Week 3: Numbers in Colours

Topic: Numbers and Colours

Week 4: Introduction to Numbers 21-30

Topic: Numbers 21-30

Week 5: Shapes (Circle, Triangle, Square, and Rectangle)

Topic: Shapes

Week 6: Mid-Term Test

Topic: Assessment

Week 7: Introduction to Numbers 65-70

Topic: Numbers 65-70

Week 8: Measurement: Time (O’Clock)

Topic: Time (O’Clock)

  • Tell time using an analogue clock.
  • Identify the hour and minute hands and read time on the hour (o’clock). Activities:
  • Clock hands manipulation, time-telling games, songs about time. Conclusion:
  • Pupils were able to read and tell time on the hour.

Week 9: Length Comparison

Topic: Length Comparison

Week 10: Understanding and Comparing Lengths

Topic: Length Comparison

Week 11: Revision

Topic: Review of All Topics

Week 12: Examination

Topic: Final Assessment


This term, pupils in kindergarten developed foundational skills in number work through engaging and interactive lessons. They progressed from recognizing basic numbers to understanding shapes, comparing lengths, and telling time. These activities not only built their mathematical skills but also fostered critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. As we move forward, pupils will continue to build on these concepts to enhance their understanding and proficiency in mathematics.

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