First Term Examination Social Habits Kindergarten Age 5 First Term Lesson Notes Week 11

Social Habits Kindergarten First Term Examination

Subject: Social Habits
Class: Kindergarten
Term: First Term
Duration: 1 hour


  1. Read each question carefully before answering.
  2. Write your answers neatly and legibly.
  3. You may use a pencil or crayon to complete the examination.
  4. Answer all questions.

Section A: Multiple Choice Questions

  1. What is a responsibility? a) Something fun
    b) A task or duty
    c) A game to play
    d) A place to visit
  2. What does the red traffic light mean? a) Go
    b) Wait
    c) Stop
    d) Slow down
  3. Where do people go when they are sick? a) Market
    b) Playground
    c) Hospital
    d) Cinema
  4. What is stigmatization? a) Being treated fairly
    b) Being treated unfairly because of differences
    c) Being popular
    d) Being praised for doing good things
  5. What is a zebra crossing? a) A place where people cross the road safely
    b) A place to play games
    c) A place to buy fruits
    d) A place for picnics

Section B: Fill in the Blanks

  1. _________ is when someone is treated unfairly because they are different.
  2. Low _________ means feeling bad about oneself.
  3. The green traffic light means _________.
  4. Zebra crossings help _________ cross the road safely.
  5. Before crossing at a zebra crossing, always look _________.

Section C: Short Answer Questions

  1. Name one responsibility you have at home.
  2. What should you do when you see a red traffic light?
  3. What is one right you have as a child?
  4. How do you use a zebra crossing safely?
  5. Explain in your own words what stigmatization means.

Section D: Essay Question

  1. Imagine you are explaining to a friend what it means to be kind. Write a short paragraph about why kindness is important and give one example of how you can show kindness to others.

End of Examination

Please ensure you have answered all questions before submitting your paper. Good luck!

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