Mid-Term Revision Test and Mid-Term Break Social Habits Kindergarten Age 5 First Term Lesson Notes Week 6

Social Habits Kindergarten First Term Lesson Notes

Subject: Social Habits

Class: Kindergarten

Term: First Term

Week: 6

Topic: Mid-Term Revision Test and Mid-Term Break

Sub-topic: Reviewing Key Concepts from Weeks 1-5

Duration: 40 minutes

Behavioural Objectives: By the end of the revision, students should be able to:

  1. Recall key concepts from the first half of the term.
  2. Demonstrate understanding through answering questions and participating in activities.
  3. Prepare for the mid-term test.


  • Responsibility
  • Rights
  • Child abuse
  • Safety
  • Trust

Set Induction: The teacher will start with a quick, fun quiz game to engage students and refresh their memory on the topics covered.

Entry Behaviour: Students have learned about responsibilities, rights, and child abuse in previous weeks.

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • Flashcards with key concepts
  • Visual aids (charts, pictures)
  • Simple quiz questions
  • Interactive activities

Building Background / Connection to Prior Knowledge: Discuss briefly the main points from previous lessons to jog students’ memory.

Embedded Core Skills:

  • Recall and memory
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking

Learning Materials:

  • Lagos State Scheme of Work for Kindergarten
  • Picture books and visual aids used in previous lessons

Instructional Materials:

  • Flashcards
  • Visual aids
  • Quiz sheets


  1. Review of “My Responsibilities (At Home)”:
    • Discuss responsibilities like picking up toys, helping parents, and taking care of personal items.
  2. Review of “My Responsibilities (In School and Society)”:
    • Discuss responsibilities such as listening to the teacher, following rules, and helping in the community.
  3. Review of “My Rights”:
    • Discuss rights such as the right to education, good health, and to play.
    • Emphasize the right to their own body and safety.
  4. Review of “Child Abuse”:
    • Discuss what child abuse is and its types: physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect.
    • Emphasize the importance of reporting any form of abuse.
  5. Review of “Child Abuse (Continued)”:
    • Discuss ways to prevent child abuse and the importance of raising alarms or reporting to trusted adults.

Quiz Questions:

  1. What is a responsibility you have at home?
  2. Name one responsibility you have at school.
  3. What is one of your rights as a child?
  4. How can you stay safe from child abuse?
  5. Who should you tell if someone tries to hurt you?


Step 1: The teacher revises each topic briefly, using visual aids and flashcards to highlight key points from previous lessons.

Step 2: The teacher engages students with an interactive quiz game, asking questions related to the topics covered.

Step 3: The teacher organizes group activities where students can demonstrate their understanding through role-playing and discussions.

Teacher’s Activities:

  • Lead the revision session.
  • Use flashcards and visual aids to review key concepts.
  • Facilitate the quiz game and group activities.
  • Provide feedback and guidance.

Learners’ Activities:

  • Participate in the revision session.
  • Answer quiz questions.
  • Engage in group activities and discussions.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the topics.


  • Monitor students’ participation in the quiz game and group activities.
  • Evaluate their answers to the quiz questions.
  • Provide feedback and clarify any misunderstandings.

Mid Term Test Questions:

  1. What is a responsibility?
  2. Can you name a right you have as a child?
  3. What is child abuse?
  4. How can you prevent child abuse?
  5. Who should you tell if you feel unsafe?

Conclusion: The teacher reviews the answers to the quiz questions, provides feedback, and ensures all students understand the key concepts. The teacher then explains the upcoming mid-term break and encourages students to rest and review what they’ve learned.


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