1. What is a website 2. Define the internet 3. List the disadvantages of the internet

  1. What is a website?
    • A website is like a digital book with pages you can read on a computer or phone. 📚💻
    • Example: Think of a website like an online library where you can find different books on different topics.
  2. Define the internet:
    • The internet is like a big network that connects lots of computers and devices all around the world. 🌐💻
    • Example: Imagine the internet as a huge spider web, linking everyone and everything together through computers and phones.
  3. List the disadvantages of the internet:
    1. Too much information: Sometimes, there’s so much stuff online that it’s hard to find what you need.
    2. Cyberbullying: People can be mean to each other online, which can make others feel sad or scared.
    3. Privacy worries: Sometimes, personal information can be shared without permission, and that’s not safe.
    4. Addiction: Spending too much time online, like playing games or using social media, can become a problem.
    5. Getting distracted: With all the fun things on the internet, it’s easy to forget about important stuff like homework or chores.
    6. Cybercrime: Bad people can try to steal money or information from others using the internet.
    7. Feeling lonely: Even though we can talk to people online, it’s not the same as spending time with friends and family in person.
    8. Not fair for everyone: Some people don’t have the same access to the internet, which can make it hard for them to learn or have fun like others do
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