Exploring the World: Fun Learning for Playgroup Kids”

Title: Exploring the World: Fun Learning for Playgroup Kids

Welcome to our interactive blog post designed to engage and educate playgroup kids about the world around them. In this post, we will cover simple yet essential concepts related to knowledge and understanding.

Touch and Learn:

1. Exploring Body Parts:

Teach kids about body parts by asking them to touch their head, leg, and hand. Use fun activities to reinforce learning.

2. Healthy Eating Choices:

Discuss food choices like rice and beans (obviously emphasizing not eating sand!) to teach children about healthy eating habits.

3. Fruit Exploration:

Introduce fruits like pawpaw and discuss their colors, tastes, and benefits to encourage healthy snacking.

Subject: Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Class: Playgroup

Touch your head.

Touch your leg.

Touch your hand.

I can eat ………………….. (a) rice (b) sand

Pawpaw is a type of ………………… (a) table (b) fruit

Building Healthy Habits: Essential Practices for Playgroup Kids

By incorporating these simple activities into playgroup sessions, children can develop a better understanding of their bodies, food choices, and the world around them. Engage with them regularly to nurture their curiosity and knowledge.

  1. Touch your head.
    • 🖐️ Point to your head on top.
  2. Touch your leg.
    • 🦵 Point to your leg down low.
  3. Touch your hand.
    • ✋ Show where your hand is.
  4. I can eat …………………..
    • 🍚 (a) rice – “We eat rice for lunch.”
  5. Pawpaw is a type of …………………




  1. What do we touch to show where our head is?
    • We touch our head 🖐️.
  2. What can we eat for lunch?
    • We can eat 🍚 (a) rice for lunch.
  3. What do we touch to show where our leg is?
    • We touch our leg 🦵.
  4. What is pawpaw?
    • Pawpaw is a tasty 🍈 (b) fruit.
  5. What do we touch to show where our hand is?
    • We touch our hand ✋.
  1. What can we eat?
    a) rice
    b) sand
    c) paper
    d) water
  2. Touch your __________ to show where your head is.
    a) nose
    b) head
    c) foot
    d) hand
  3. Pawpaw is a type of __________.
    a) table
    b) chair
    c) fruit
    d) car
  4. I can eat __________ for lunch.
    a) rice
    b) stones
    c) toys
    d) leaves
  5. Touch your __________ to show where your leg is.
    a) head
    b) leg
    c) hand
    d) eye
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