Historical Origin of peoples in Lagos (First Group of Settlers in Lagos) 1..The Aworis (The Ideja) 2. The Edos 3. The Ijebus 4. The Eguns History Primary 1 First Term Lesson Notes Week 5 and Week 6

Lesson Title: Historical Origin of Peoples in Lagos (First Group of Settlers in Lagos)

Grade Level: Primary 1

Subject: History

Week: 5 (First Term)

Duration: 30 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the first group of settlers in Lagos.
  • Understand the historical origin of the Aworis (Ideja), Edos, Ijebus, and Eguns.
  • Appreciate the cultural diversity of Lagos.

Introduction (5 minutes):

  • Start the lesson by discussing the importance of history and where people come from.
  • Explain that Lagos is a diverse place with many different groups of people who settled there long ago.

Main Content (15 minutes):

1. The Aworis (Ideja):

  • Discuss the Aworis as one of the first groups to settle in Lagos.
  • Talk about their customs, language, and way of life.
  • Mention that they are known for their fishing skills.

2. The Edos:

  • Explain that the Edos came from the Benin Kingdom.
  • Discuss their contributions to art and culture.
  • Mention their traditional clothing and festivals.

3. The Ijebus:

  • Talk about the Ijebus and their historical connection to Lagos.
  • Mention their language, occupations, and famous dishes.
  • Explain their role in trade.

4. The Eguns:

  • Introduce the Eguns as a group with unique customs and beliefs.
  • Mention their masquerades and spiritual practices.
  • Explain their influence on Lagos culture.


Now, let’s start our journey back in time!

🕰️ Long Ago in Lagos: A very long time ago, Lagos was not like it is today. It was a different place with many groups of people living together.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The First Settlers: The first group of settlers in Lagos were the Aworis, also known as the Ideja. They were the first people to call Lagos their home. They were skilled fishermen, and they used to catch fish from the sea and lagoons.

🌊 The Aworis and the Sea: The Aworis loved the sea, and they built their houses close to the water. They used canoes to travel on the water and catch fish. 🚣‍♀️🐟

🏞️ The Beautiful Edos: Later on, another group called the Edos came to Lagos from a place called the Benin Kingdom. They brought their own unique culture and art with them. They loved making beautiful things and had special clothes and festivals. 🎨🎉

🍽️ The Ijebus and Delicious Food: The Ijebus were another group in Lagos. They were known for their language, delicious dishes, and different jobs they did. They also played an important role in trade. 🍛🛒

🎭 The Unique Eguns: Lastly, we have the Eguns, who had their own special customs and beliefs. They were famous for their masquerades and spiritual practices. They added their own colorful traditions to Lagos. 🎭✨

Why Is This Important? Learning about these early settlers helps us understand where the people of Lagos come from and how our city became so diverse and rich in culture.

So, my little historians, remember that Lagos has a long and colorful history, and it’s all thanks to these amazing first settlers and their unique contributions to our beloved city! 🌆📚

Feel free to ask questions if you want to know more. Keep exploring, learning, and loving history! 💖🌍

Teacher’s Activities (5 minutes):

  • Engage the students by asking questions like, “What do you think life was like for the first settlers in Lagos?”

Learners’ Activities (5 minutes):

  • Encourage students to listen and ask questions about each group’s history.





1. The first group of settlers in Lagos were the ________.
a) Aworis
b) Ijebus
c) Edos
d) Yorubas

2. The Aworis were skilled ________.
a) farmers
b) fishermen
c) traders
d) hunters

3. The Edos came to Lagos from the ________ Kingdom.
a) Lagos
b) Benin
c) Oyo
d) Ibadan

4. The Edos were known for their love of ________.
a) music
b) art and culture
c) farming
d) sports

5. The Ijebus were known for their delicious ________.
a) clothing
b) dishes
c) dance
d) language

6. The Ijebus played an important role in ________.
a) sports
b) farming
c) trade
d) fishing

7. The Eguns were famous for their ________ and spiritual practices.
a) food
b) dances
c) masquerades
d) music

8. The first group of settlers built their houses close to the ________.
a) mountains
b) forests
c) water
d) market

9. The Aworis used ________ to catch fish.
a) canoes
b) bicycles
c) cars
d) horses

10. The Edos loved making ________.
a) toys
b) beautiful things
c) tools
d) clothes

11. The Ijebus had their own special ________.
a) games
b) dishes
c) houses
d) songs

12. The Eguns added their own colorful ________ to Lagos.
a) festivals
b) schools
c) animals
d) flags

13. Learning about the first settlers helps us understand the ________ of Lagos.
a) language
b) weather
c) history
d) religion

14. The Edos came from the ________ Kingdom.
a) Lagos
b) Benin
c) Oyo
d) Ibadan

15. The first group of settlers made Lagos a diverse and ________ city.
a) poor
b) crowded
c) rich in culture
d) small






Assessment (Homework) (5 minutes):

  • Assign each student one of the four groups (Aworis, Edos, Ijebus, or Eguns) and ask them to find a picture or draw something that represents that group’s culture.

Conclusion (5 minutes):

  • Recap the importance of understanding where different people come from.
  • Encourage students to appreciate the cultural diversity in Lagos.

By teaching primary students about the historical origin of different groups in Lagos, we help them develop an understanding and appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of their city. This knowledge fosters unity and respect for diversity

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