Choose the correct answers from
the given alternatives.

  1. _____is the process
    by which one changes from one
    religion to another.
    (a) Baptism
    (b) Forgiveness
    (c) Conversion
    (d) Persecution
  2. Peter raised____from the dead at Joppa.
    (a) Aeneas
    (b) Dorcas
    (c) Deborah
    (d) Lazarus
  3. Christian brothers should be subject to authority because _____(a) all authority is from God (b) they could be disgraced publicly (c) they are born again (d) it is offence to rebel
  4. Dignity of labour implies what?_____ (a)Some jobs being better paying than others (b)Awareness that no work is spiteful or undignified (c) Some jobs commanding more dignity than others (d) Some jobs being meant a particular class of people
  5. Paul taught that no one should depend on another. He did this by using himself as an example by_____(a) abandoning his evangelist duty for trading (b) working while doing his work as evangelist (c) sacking all idle ministers (d) ex-communicating all idle members
  6. What give rise to Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians Church on dignity of labour?_____(a)the news that some members were (b) the news that some members were idle (c) the news that some members were despising others job (d) the news that some members were too choosy about jobs
  7. In the first missionary journey, after leaving Selenicia, which town was

    Paul’s port of calla. Paphos b. Salamis c. Perga d. Athens

  8. All the following were mentioned by names as being present in the
    Jerusalem Council except a.silasl b. paul c. peter d. Andrew
  9. Whom did Paul take with him in the second missionary journey in place
    of John Mark. a. Philip b, james c, cleopas d. silas
  10. Who of the following were martyrs a. Philip b. peter c. luke d. Stephen
  11. Who was the first gentil converted to Christianity
    a. titus b, aquilla c. Cornelius d. Timon
  12. How long did the rioter in ephesus shout their slogan;Great is the
    Artemis of Ephesus
    a. 1 and half b. half an hour c. 2 hour d. 20 minutes
  13. Which Proconsul Achaia Paul was accused before .
    a. Philippus b. Gallo c. jairus d. sergius paulus
  14. Who were the companions of Paul in Corinth
    a. Philip and john b. silas and barsabas c. TIMOTHY and judas d.luke
  15. Which group of the people were particularly aggrieved because of
    Paul;s missionary work in Ephesus
    a. craftsmen b. priest c. local ruler d. religious personnel
  16. Ephesus was famous because of the temple of
    a. Zeus b. Artemis c. Ares d. Aphrodite
  17. When the Jews opposed and abused Paul in Corinth, he went to
    stayed with a Gentil named .
    a. Alexander b. Dairus c, Jackson d. Titus Justus
  18. Among the few people who believed and join Paul after his lecture
    at the academic forum in Athens were
    a. Titu and Timothy b, Apphia and archippus c, Lydia d. Damaris and Dionysius
  19. What did Paul do to Timothy before he went with him for the 2nd
    missionary journey
    a. baptized him b, beat him c. circumcised him d. changed his name
  20. What miracle did Paul perform in Philippi that resulted in his arrest and
    (a) he cast out a spirit of divination from a slave girl
    (b) he healed a lame woman
    (c) he cursed a magician and he became blind
    (d) he healed a cripple
  21. Who was the chairman of the Jerusalem council
    a. peter b. Jams c, timothy d. silas
  22. In what town did Paul and Barnabas made a cripple to walk during the first
    missionary journey . a. Paphos b. Lystria c. salami d. derbe


  23. On the way to what town was Paul converted

    a, Samaria b, Lystra c. Damascus d. Bethany

  24. Which of the following was not a teaching of the Epicurean philosophers
    a, the gods were not concerning themselves with human affairs
    b, happiness was peace of mind
    c. God would surely judge men after death
    d. men were the architects of their own fortune
  25. Where did Paul go after the lecture at Areopagus in Athens
    a. Corinth b. Syria c. Philippi d. Jerusalem
  26. Why did Paul appeal to Caesar when he was being tried by governor Felix
    a, the sanhedra had no power to tried him
    b, he was a Roman citizen
    c. he was a Jew
    d. Festus had no power
  27. In the New Testament civil authorities mean
    a. the Sahendrin b the ruler c. proconsul d. temple official
  28.  The admonition that Christian should pay taxes were due, revenue to whom revenue was due, honour to whom honour was due is part of Paul’s epistle to the
    a. Roman b. Corinthians c. Philippians d. Ephesians
  29. The earliest missionary activities in Nigeria took place in
    a, Lagos and Calabar b. Bonny and Brass c. Benin and Warri d. Onitsha
  30. What did Agrippa II tell Festus as the reason for not setting Paul free
    a. he appealed to Caesar b. the case was political c. the case was religious d. riot
  31.  Which of the following is the not true of dignity of labour ?
    a. there is respect for work b. work gives us money c. work is humiliating d. work gives pleasure
  32.  How many disciples did Paul met in Ephesus
    a. 12 b. 6 c. 8 d. 3
  33.  From where did Paul Sail to Caesarea at the end of the second missionary journey
    a. Corinth b. Ephesus c. Galatia d. Philippi
  34.  Paul went to the Synagogue in Athens and had discussions with the Jews and devout men. Who were the devout men ?
    a. holy men b. Proconsul c. priest and levites d. Hellenist
  35.  Where did Paul take Timothy with him for the second missionary journey
    a. Antioch b. Caesarea c. Tyre d. Derbe
  36.  From where did Paul start his journey to Philippi ?
    a. Troas b. Seleucia c. Antioch d. Neapolis
  37.  All the followings were reactions of the disciples in Damascus to Paul’s conversion except?
    a. whole hearted reception b. misunderstanding of Paul c. riot d. expression of misgiving
  38. What did Paul do immediately after he had gained his sight eaten and strengthen
    a. he left for Jerusalem b. he remained in Damascus c. he left Galatian d. laugh
  39.  What prompted the visit of Peter to Joppa ?
    a. argument over circumcision that rose up there b. persecution that followed
    c. God ask Peter in a vision to go there d. death of a Christian women [ Lydia]
  40. Who died in Joppa described as a disciple with excellent character. Always doing
    good things to people
    a. Tabitha b. Julian c. Phoebe d. Lydia
  41.  Paul’s persecuting zeal was intensified after
    a. baptism of the Holy Spirit b. arrest of the Apostle c. healing d. martyrdom of Stephen
  42. Whom did Peter stay with in Joppa after his great miracle there ?
    a. Simon the Tanner b. Aquilla c Lucius d, Cyrene


  43. Who was struck down by an angel and his body eaten by worms before he died ?

    a. Herod Agrippi b. Felix c. Phillip d. Cornelius

  44.  To what trade was Paul APPRENTICED a. bricklaying b. bakery c. carpentry d. tent-making
  45. 39. Paul belonged to the set OF ____________a. Zealots b. Sadducees c. Herodians D. Pharisees
  46. What was the theme of Peter’s s sermon in the house of Cornelius ?____________a. The coming judgement of God b. Impartiality of god c. the salvation of god d. The universality of God
  47.  What was the name of the proconsul Paul converted in Paphos____________
    a. Simeon b. Sergius Paulus c. crispus d. gaius
  48. Jewish converts who insisted that gentile convert s must be circumcised and required to observe all the ancient Jewish customs and ceremonies were called____________
    a. Sadducees b, zealot c, Judisers d. essenes
  49.  The decision of the Jerusalem council was that the gentiles should abstained from all the following except ..____________
    a. pollution of idols b. blood c. politics d. unchastity
  50.  Which of the following was not the teaching of the Stoics Philosophers
    a. god was in nature and souls of men
    b. men should undergo suffering without complaining
    c. men should live a life of high moral principle
    d. men should think more of pleasure
  51. The woman, seller of purple cloth converted by Paul in Philippi was____________a. Phoebe B. Artemis C. Lydiad. Drusila
  52. 46. Who led the religious riot in Ephesus?____________ a. A jew named Alexandra b. Sergius Paulus c.Demetrius d. Apollos
  53.  The first Catholic mission stationed outside Lagos was open in 1884 at____________
    a. Onitsha
    b. Lokoja
    c. Oyo
    d. Warri
  54.  Festus told Aggripa II that Paul was charged with .____________
    a. blasphemy
    b. sedition
    c. no concrete offence
    d. murder
  55.  No Christian can be cultivated except the person cloth himself with love and
    a. self control
    b. compassion
    c. peace
    d. humility



  56. Who succeeded in stopping the riots in Ephesus ? a. Alexandra b. Dematrius c. town clerk d. Proconsul
  57.  Who is the founder of Living Faith Church [ Winner Chapel ]
    a. Bishop O. David Odelaja b, Bishop Godwin Taylor d. Bishop O. Oyedepo
  58.  The Anglican Missionary work in Nigeria began in 1842 with the visit of Rev
    a. Rutherwood b. David cornfield c. John Motherway d. Thomas clerk
  59. Paul rules that a Christian should not be allowed to eat if he does not ���
    a. pray b. preach the gospel c. work d. pay his due
  60.  Who instituted civil authority according to the teaching of Paul
    a. priest b, God c. Jesus d, Moses
  61. Who was the first Roman Governor to handle Pauls case
    a. Felix b, Herod c. Pontius Tilate d. Festus
  62.  As Paul argued with the Jews and some devout men in the synagogue and in the market place, some Athenians asked ; what would this babbler saying ? Who is a babbler ?
    a. a politician b. half – educated person c. foreigner d. a preacher
  63.  Which companion of Paul was arrested with him in Philippi
    a. Mark b. Silas c. Lucius d. Luke
  64. Abundance of what made Paul unhappy about Athens____________a. prostitution b, idols c. slaves d. pagans
  65. Paul visited all the following towns in his first missionary journey except____________
    a, salamis b, Ephesus c, perga d, lystra
  66.  Where was the controversy in Antioch over ancient Jewish custom of circumcision sent to for settlement
    a. Rome b. galilee c. Judea d. Jerusalem
  67.  Persecution that arose among the early Christians brought Christianity to____________
    a. bethel b, rome c, samaria d. caesarea
  68.  Stephen showed a good christian life when he____________
    a. argued successfully with the opponents of the church
    b. saw a vision of Jesus Christ standing at the right hand of God
    c. prayed for his enemies before his death
    d. told a Jewish council the history of their father
  69.  As a born again Christian how can you maintained good Christian life and retain the Holy Spirit in you____________
    a, by attending church every Sunday
    b. by constant practice of speaking in tongues
    c. by maintaining holiness at all
    d. through private prayer and meditation
  70. Why did Peter heal Aeneas____________
    a. he came to Peter to be healed
    b. he had be paralysed for 8 years
    c. he was a Jew
    d. Peter had compassion on him
  71. As a born again Christian, if you are directed by the Holy Spirit to go and preach the gospel in a community rejected by your people what will you do ?
    a. disobeyed the holy spirit and pray to God for forgiveness
    b. pray for holy spirit directives and carry out the assignment
    c. seek advice from your pastor
    d. seek advice from your people
  72. How many people became Christian after the day of Penticost?
    a. 3,000 b. 1,000 c. 420 d. 220



  73.  Jesus said God is a spirit and true worshipper must worship him inspirit and
    a. body b. ture c. temple d. heart
  74. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and
    a, all other thing shall be added to you b, goodness and mercy shall follow
    c. you will become pastor d. money shall be your portion
  75. Laws which defined ones relationship with others are called—–
    a. civil b, divine c, relative d. customary
  76. During Jesus Christ baptism at river Jordan a voice from heaven testified ?
    a, confirmation of Jesus Christ b, delight in the baptism
    c. revelation of his righteousness d. support for John ministry
  77.  When and where was Samuel Ajayi Crowther born ?
    a. 1809 at Abeokuta b, 1809 Badagry c, 1809 at Osogun Iseyin c. Oyo
  78. God,s command to Adam and Eve was that , You may freely eat of every
    tree of the garden except the tree of
    a. knowledge of evil b, knowledge of good and evil c. life and death d.
    d. knowledge of truth and evil
  79. And the LORD blessed the later day of Job and gave him twice of what he
    had before
    a. courage b, faith c, wisdom d, strength
  80. Obedience is the act of ——
    a. doing what you are told to do b. doing what you want
    c. not complaining d. readiness
  81. Our National Pledge encourages us to be faithfull, loyal and.(a) honest b. God fearing c, hard working d. humble
  82.  God wants everybody to be free , because without freedom there can be no
    a. humility b. progress____________ c. love d. life
  83. The bible was written by men who were ——by God
    a. blessed b. inspired c. called d. led
  84.  Nigerians need freedom from the following except
    a, poverty b, diseases c. hard work d indiscipline
  85.  The wicked of man, made God decide to destroy the world by ——-
    a. flood b. fire c. plague d. famine
  86. Jesus son of David have mercy on me was said by
    a. Blind Bartimeaus b.. John c. Lazarus d. paralytics









  1.     Who is Stephen?
  2.     Why was Stephen arrested?
  3.     Outline four false charges laid against Stephen.
  4.     List the outline of Stephen’s defence.
  5.     Who was the first Christian martyr?
  6. How did Stephen’s martyrdom impact the early Church?
  7. Why was Stephen’s death so significant to the development of Christianity?
  8. What role did Stephen’s martyrdom play in the spread of the gospel?
  9. How did Stephen’s example influence other Christians who faced persecution?
  10. What does Stephen’s martyrdom teach us about faithfulness to Christ?
  11. What were the false charges laid against Stephen in the Bible?
  12. Why did the people bring these charges against him?
  13. How did Stephen respond to the charges?
  14. What happened to Stephen as a result of the false charges?
  15. What can we learn from this story about how to deal with false accusations?
  16. What is Fraud?
  17. Who were caught in the act of cheating and lying in the early church?
  18. List five examples of fraud seen in our society.
  19. What is murmuring?
  20. Distinguish between the Hebrews and Hellenites.
  21. There was ——— among the members of the early church and this was glaring among the widows of the Grecians Jews.
  22. Give two reasons why the Jewish leaders opposed the gospel message.
  23. Mention three occasions in which the gospel message recorded stiff oppositions in Acts of
  24.  Who arrested Peter and John and why were they arrested?
  25. The highest Jewish Council is called ………………