2nd Term CRS Nursery 1 Exams


 Edu Delight Tutors 

CLASS:         NURSERY 1



Underline the correct answer.

  1. We are children of ______ (a) devil (b) God
  2. We must ______ other people.         (a) hate        (b) love
  3. We ______ together. (a) pray  (b) sick
  4. It is good to ______ together. (a) pray  (b) fight
  5. Good Christian must not ______ (a) eat    (b) steal
  6. We must not steal our parents’ money. (a) Yes        (b) No
  7. The reward of stealing is _____ (a) money         (b) punishment
  8. I listen to my pastor preaching in the ______ (a) mosque     (b) church
  9. Church is a place where _____ worship. (a) Muslims             (b) Christians
  10. Water is _____ gift (a) Satan’s              (b) God’s
  11. God want us to ______ (a) grow (b) die
  12. We grow up by God’s ______ (a) grace                 (b) grape
  13. A boy will grow up to be a ____    (a) man                 (b) woman
  14. Who created us? (a) God        (b) Satan
  15. __________ created heaven and earth.
  16. _________ turn water to wine. (a) Jesus                 (b) John
  17. ______ walk on the sea. (a) Jesus         (b) Cane
  18. I _______ my pastor when I go to church. (a) greet        (b) fight
  19. I go to ______ every Sunday. (a) Church            (b) School
  20. I _______ in the Church.   (a) Pray  (b) Fight
  21. Obedience to God bring us_____(a) hatred (b) blessing
  22. ______ obey God. (a) Abraham (b) devil
  23. God created man in His own_____(a) Image (b) skin
  24. God created_____ (a) Heaven and Earth (b) Lagos and Abuja only
  25. As christian we must go to_______ (a) Church (b) club house
  26. As a christian we must not lie against one another (a) True (b) False
  27. A christian  must not join_______ (a) bad group (b) felloship
  28. _____ created everything in the world (a) God (b) Mr. Awobotu
  29. God can talk to us through our   (a) True (b) False
  30. It is____ to obey our Parent. (a) bad (b) good


Section b

State two things we must not do as a good christian






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