Nursery 2 Basic Science Examination



Underline the correct answer.

1. There are ______ types of soil. (a) three (b) two (c) four
2. ______ soil is good for moulding (a) granite (b) watery (c) clay
3. ______ lives in the soil. (a) Goat (b) Earthworm (c) Bird
4. Air helps us to ______ normally. (a) breath (b) smoke (c) curse
5. What makes kites fly? (a) sun (b) air (c) rain
6. Blow the back of your palm, you fell ______ (a) cold (b) warm (c) hot
7. Trumpeters blow ______ inside the trumpet. (a) food (b) air (c) spit
8. The types of soil are _______ (a) rocky, watery, doily and stone
(b) sandy, loamy, clay and humus (c)loomy, solid, light, windy and moisture
9. Which of the soil is the best for planting? (a) loamy (b) rocky (c) humus
10. ________ soil is good for moulding. (a) sandy (b) clay (c) loamy
11. The first treatment given to the injured person is called

(b) First Aid box (b)last aid

12. We _____first aid box in the school

(a)need (b) hate

13. _____ is an injured

(b) Ant (b) wound

14. Knife can cause _____________

(b) Wound (b) talk

15. Wound can be treated in the ___________

(b) Kitchen (b) hospital

16. Who gives treatment in the hospital

(b) Seller (b) doctor

17. It is ____________to keep refuse in our room

(b) Bad (b) good

18. We must __________our hands after rough play

(b) Cut (b) wash

19. Water is liquid substance odorless, tasteless and

(b) Stainless (b) selfishness (c) colorless

20. Water is used for _____________bathing (a) stealing (b)crying

21. ___________is the upper most layer of the earth surface
a. class b. soil c. hoe

22. Plant uses _______to grow a. book b. pencil c. soil
23. We use kettle for boiling water a. no b. yes c. may be

24. _________and _________can be used for catching fish
a. shoe and bag b. rice and beans c. hook and net

25. __________is colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid substance
a. grace b. light c. water

26. Use __________to dry our cloth a. fire b. salt c. sun

27. Grinder can be used for __________a. boiling water b. plants
c. grinding pepper

28. Kettle is used for __________ a. boiling water b. cooking food
c. baking bread


List the three types of soils you know




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