Exam Questions Second Term SS 1 Chemistry



1. Which of the following is not a separation technique?

(a) Fractional distillation (b) Propiation (c)Precipitation

(b) (d) Chromatography

2. Substances that cannot be split into two or more simpler units through ordinary chemical process is known as

(a) Element (b) compound (c) Mixture (d)Solvent

3. Easy reversibility is a characteristic of chemical change

(a) True (b) False (c) All of the above (d) None of the above

4. Sodium is ………………………… number of the periodic table?

(a) 10 (b) 15 (c) 11 (d) 17

5. A substances that is the smallest particle of an element which can take place in a chemical reaction is called

(a)Atom (b) Mole (c) Ion (d) Atomic number

6. An element X has 127 neutrons and 82 Protons its atomic number is?

(a) 209 (b) 105 (c) 45 (d) 82 (e) 127

7. When a bottle of coca – cola is opened, bubble of gas evolves. The gas is

(a) Hydrogen (b) CO2 (c)CO (d) Sulphur

8. The formula for Empirical formula is

(a) More ratio = % by mass

Relative atomic mass

(b) Mass = mole

Atomic number

© Atomic number = % purity

Molecular mass

(c) Mole


9. The atomic number of element is determines by

(a) The number of protons in the element

(b) The number of neutrons in the element

(c) The number of electrons in the element

(d) The number of atoms in the element

10. The atomic number of caesium is 55 and its atomic mass is 133. The nucleus of caesium atom contains?

(a) 78 protons and 55 electrons (b) 55 protons and 78 neutrons

© 55 protons and 78 electrons (d) 78 protons and 55 neutrons.

11. The combining power of an element is called? (a) Valency

(b) Electron (c) mixture (d) Atom

12. An atom X consists of 6 protons, 6 electrons and 7 neutrons. Which of the following representation of the atom is correct?

(a) 136 x (b) 137X (c) 196X (d)197 X

13. Fluorine has ………… number of protons?

(a) 12 (b) 9 (c) 14 (d) 13

14. Which is not a career in chemistry?

(a)Engineering (b) Electrophysics (c) Chemist (d) Technologist

Use the information to answer the following question

X If an element X has an Atomic number of 15 and a molecular number 25

15. It would be represented by

(a) 2515 X (b) 1015 X (c) 2510 X (d)3515 X

16. It has ……………… number of neutrons?

(a) 10 (b)15 (c) 25 (d) 20

17. It has ………………………. Number of protons

(a) 10 (b) 15 (c) 25 (d) 20

18. If the electronic configuration is 2, 8, 8, 7, what is the valency of this element

(a) -2 (b) +3 (c) -1 (d)-4

19. The IUPAC name for Na2804 is?

(a) Sodium (iv) sulphate

(b) Sodium tetraoxosulphate(vi)

(c) Sodium tetraoxide

(d) Sodium (vi) sulphate

20. Precipitation is a separation technique that allows the use of a Burnsen Burner?

(a)True (b) False (c) None of above

21. An element has an Atomic number 25, what is its correct electronic configuration?

(a) 2, 8, 8, 6, 1

(b) 2, 8, 8, 7

© 2, 7, 7, 7

(d)2, 8, 7, 1

22. If an element is represented, 35.5 X what is the name of this element

(a) Carbon (b) Fluorine (c) chlorine (d) iodine

23. What is the molecular mass of the element?

(a) 17 (b) 37.5 (c) 35.5 (d)8

24. Salt in water can be separated by which separation Technique?

(a) Fractional Distillation (b) Evaporation (c)Precipitation

(d) chromatography

25. The smallest part of a compound that can take part in a chemical reaction is ?

(a) Mixture (b) molecule (c) Electron (d) Atom

26. Avagadro’s constant is?

(a) 6.01 x 1023

(b) 6. 023 x 1023

(c) 6. 02 X1022

(d) 6. 02 X1223

27. . Acid turns blue litmus paper ________________?

a. yellow b. colourless c green d. red

28. Acids are characterized by a. Bitter taste b. soapy taste

c. ssour taste d. all listed

29. An element existing in two or more physical states and maintaining the same chemical characteristics is called ______________a. Isamers b. allotropes

c. isolapes d. cirapdile

30. Diamond crystals are of ________shape a. Tetrahyphral b pertshadral

c. odshedral d. triangular

31. Which all drape of carbon is used as abbrass vet

a. graphite b. coke c. coal d. diamond

32. Which allotrope of carbon is used in lead pencil?

a. graphite b. coke c. coal d. diamond

33. Carbon dioxide is a gas that burns with _____________flame

a. yellow b. green c. blue d. colourless

34. Which of these statements is correct about triococarbondo (N)?

a. Tribasic acid b. dibasic base c. monobasic acid d. .dibasic acid

35. Hydrocarbons are of two classes namely: a. graphite and diamond

b. coke and coal c. aliphatic and gas d. aromatic and aliphatic

36. An example of aromatic hydrocarbons is a. Ethane b. methane

c. cydopropane d. benzene

37. Which is not a raw material for chemical industry a. polroleum

b. coal c. alum d. salt

38. Which is not a use of sodium trioxocarbonate (N)a. heavy chemical?

b. soft chemical c. fertilizer d. plastic

39. Which is not a use of sodium trioxocarbonate (W) a. for softening

b. for manufacturing glass c..for washing or bleaching of textiles

d. to manufacture salt

40. Which is not a use of hydrogen trioxocarbonate a. As baking powder

b. As health salts b. As fire extinguishers d. To manufacture hydroxide

41. Which is not a property of carbon(II)oxide a. It is colourless

b. It is slightly lighter than air c. It is insoluble in water d. It is soluble

42. Which is not a property of carbon dioxide a. slightly soluble in water

b. denser than air c. wean acidic gas d. used for food

43. Which is a type of amorphous a. carbona.black charcoal b. plant charcoal

c. red charcoal d. granded charcoal

44. Which is not a type of coal? A. peat b.lignitebituminous c. coal

45. Coke is a non-volatile reside, this statement is a. true b. false c. negative

46. Water gas is a mixture that contains Co and ……….gas? a. hydrogen

b. helium c. lithium d. berlium


1a. Write the full meaning of IUPAC

a. Write the chemical formula for the following elements

(i) Sodium and oxygen (ii) hydrogen and oxygen (iii) cans oxygen

b. Write the names of these chemical compounds

(i) CuSo4 (ii) FeSO4 (iii) H2So4 (iv) KCLO4

2. a. What is an oxide of carbon?

b. State focus physical properties of CO2

c. Write the formula for water gas

d. Write three properties of carbon

3a. List three uses of Na2So4

a. In 50 words write about the chemical industry including the raw materials used

b. List three divisions of chemical industry

4a. State 3 allotropes of carbon

a. State 4 properties of diamond

b. State 3 properties of granites

4 Define valency, Relative atomic mass

(b) List six types of separation techniques, explain two.

© List three differences between physical and chemical changes.

5 Define Boyle’s law.

(b)A gas has a volume 385cm3 and a pressure of 780mmHg. Find its new volume if the pressure is reduced
































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