Scheme of work for secondary Accounting SSS 1 Second Term


Revision of last term’s work

Discounts– types, definition

Reasons for granting discount

Calculation of discount Discount allowed and received Cash, trade, quantity and seasonal discount

Three column cash book

Working with exercise with (accounts exercises book) Petty cash book

Meaning Terminologies, floats Imprest system Reimbursement etc. Posting subsidiary books into

ledgers-e. cash book, purchase day book- sales day book

Return inwards and returns outward journal and principal/journal proper Trial balance; meaning, uses

Rules for extraction Extraction of trial balance Working exercise Trading account: meaning

Reasons, format and preparation Profit and loss account– meaning

Reasons, format- preparation Balance sheet-definitions

Terminologies, format, working exercises Bank reconciliation statement

Definition, reasons for preparations, terminologies e.g. unpresented


Reasons for differences between cash book balance and bank statement balance Revision