One of the benefits derived from helping accident Victims is_


Class: Basic 4 

Subject: Civic Education

Topic: Evaluation Test


(1) __________ are those attitudes or quantities which members of a community share and cherish as a member of the same community

(a) Fighting value (b) Civic value

(2) One of good Civic value is ________ (a) fighting (b) honesty

(3)___________ is regarded as the best government. 

(a) Election (b) Democracy

(4) One of the duties of citizens to the constituted authority is ______ (a)no payment of taxes (b) obedience to the laws

(5) One of the the duties of the constituted authority to their citizens is ____ (a) beating them to comma (b) provision of infrastructural facilities

(6) One of the attitudes towards accident Victims is _________  

(a) adding to their injury

(b) caring for them 

(7) One of the benefits derived from helping accident Victims is______

(a) you would be seen as being patriotic and may be honoured (b) you may be taken to jail

(8) One of different development stages in Children is _________ (a) adulthood (b) toddler

(9) One of the ways of keeping fit is________

(a) eating too much (b) regular exercise

(10) One of the ways to recognize a profession is ____________ (a) wearing their uniforms (b) walking naked on the street