Nursery School Moral Behaviours

Good Moral Behaviours

  • Do not play with sharp Objects.
  • We must no talk when earing our food
  • Mú must wash our hands be fire and after eating
  • We must not play with sand
  • We must not put dirty things in our mouth
  • We must. Not tell lies
  • We must not beat up our younger ones
  • We must not shout when talking to elders.


Class: K-G2.


Subject: Health habbits.


Topic: Test



1) Is it good to take care of our body?. (a)yes (b)no.


2) Is it good to play with sand?. (a) yes (b)no.


3) Is it good to tell lies?. (a)yes (b) no.


4) Is it good to fight?. (a) yes (b) no.


5) Is it good to brusg our teeth . (a)yes (b) no.