Earthworm lives in the soil?



Class: Nursery 1

Subject: Science 

Evaluation Questions 


Answer the following questions. 


1 . Earthworm live in the soil? 

a) Yes b) No


2 . Water falls as rain from the sky? 


a) Yes b) No 


3 . Soil is used for building houses?


a) Yes b) No


4 . Can we use a piece of paper to blow air on our body is? 


a) Yes b) No


5 . Living things can grow ?


a ) Yes b) No


6 . Have you ever seen a cockroach? 


a) Yes b) No


7 . Lizard, crocodile tears are reptiles? 


a) Yes b) No


8 . Mosquitoes, ant are insects? 


a) Yes b) No


9 . Name two insects you can find at home? 


a) ________ b) _________


10 . When it rains we use an Umbrella? 


a) Yes b) No

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