Safety Education



Class:Basic 2




Subject:Basic Science


Topic:Safety Education


Contents:Meaning of Safety Education


Safety Rules Which Should be Observed



Safety is the freedom from danger or accident or injuries capable of being brought about by an accident.Safety is an attempt to minimize or reduce the risk of injury,illness or damage from hazards to which a person may be exposed.


Safety education is a realistic programme of safety and accident prevention against exposure to all types of risk which can be prevented.A well planned safety education programme can help reduce the occurrence of accident.



Safety Rules


The safety rules which should be Observed are


1.There should be proper warm-up before starting any physical activity.


2.The play ground should not be littered with dangerous objects such as broken bottles,nails,and cans.


3.The correct clothes or dress for each sport should be worn to avoid


4.Potholes in the playground should be filled-up


5.Avoid any sort of competition on the playground that is slippery or water logged


6.Medical examination of athletes to know their fitness level is very important.





1.Explain the meaning of Safety?


2.What is the meaning of Safety education?


3.State three safety rules?







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