Internet means Computer International Network.


CLASS: Primary 5 & 6

SUBJECT: Computer Study

TOPIC: The Internet.


Internet means International Network.


The internet is the largest network of computers that communicate and share resources with one another. They are joined together (network) to deliver information.


To use the internet your computer must have the following:


a.) Internet Browser: this is the software used for reading the World Wide Web (www). examples of internet browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape etc.


b.) Modem: it is a device that allows computers to communicate or transmit and receive data.


c.) Internet Service Providers (ISP): these are companies that provides users with internet connection services through phone line. examples are Airtel, Glogacom, MTN, Shift, Ntel, Smile etc.


d.) E-mail Address: E-mail means electronic mail. they are means which you send and receive mails on the net. To access the web you need to create your yahoo ID and password.



1.) List three web browsers.

2.) List three ISP excluding the ones mentioned above.

3.) What is the full meaning of:

a.) ISP

b.) www

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