Length Breadth Area


CLASS: Basic 3


SUBJECT: Mathematics


TOPIC: Area of Shapes




Area can be defined as the amount of two-dimensional space taken up by an object.


That is when we are talking about Area, we are talking about two sides of the shape or object.

That is why the unit of area is measured in


Square kilometres, square metres and

square centimetre.


We can find the area of shapes by counting the number of square Centimetres the shapes have.

We can also calculate the area of shapes by calculating the product of the length and breadth

Examples: Find the area of the shapes in the diagram below:


We are going to do number 1 and number 2 together. The you are going to answer number 3 to 12 on your own.


  1. The number of squares is 12


Therefore Area = 12 centimetre squared


  1. The number squares is 30


Therefore Area = 30 centimetre squared




Answer number 3 to 12.

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