Uses of Tuber Crops

CLASS: Basic 3

SUBJECT: Agricultural Science

TOPIC: Uses of Tuber Crops




Tuber crops are useful in many ways. Some of their uses are as follow:


  1. Tuber crops are sold by farmers to make money.


  1. Tuber crops are used as food to supply mainly carbohydrates to man and animals.


  1. Tubers crops are used as livestock feed. The fresh tubers as well as discarded peelings, can be fed directly to pigs, goats and sheep.


  1. They can be made into flour for making bread, cake and biscuit.


  1. Tuber crops also provide raw materials to many of our industries, for example the starch industry.


  1. They are used for production of spirit.





  1. Mention two animals that can feed on tuber crops.


  1. State one industry that make use of tuber crops.


  1. List three processed foods that be produced from tuber crops.


  1. State two uses of tuber crops.
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