Identification of clothing and footwear

DATE: Tuesday, 5th May , 2020.

CLASS: Basic 3

SUBJECT: Home Economics

TOPIC: Identification of clothing and footwear



Clothing is any material worn over the body to protect us and make us look attractive.


For most people, the place where they live and work they do determine the kinds of clothes they wear. In Nigeria, our clothes are light and made of cotton because of the warm weather. In cold countries, however, people wear thick woollen dresses especially during the cold winter season.


Examples of clothing include: shirts, trousers, buba and sokoto, jackets, winter jackets, blazers, raincoat etc.


Footwear is a covering for a person’s feet. There are different kinds of footwears that people use.


Examples of footwears include: slippers, sandals, shoes, trekkers, sneakers, canvas etc.


Footwear also includes clothing worn on the feet examples are socks and stockings.



  1. What is clothing?


  1. __________________________ and _________________________ determine the kinds of clothes people wear.


  1. In Nigeria, what type of clothes are worn? And why?


  1. In cold countries, people wear ______________________ type of clothes.


  1. State three examples clothing materials





  1. What is footwear?


  1. List four examples of footwear





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