JSS 3 Basic 9 Scheme of Work Basic Technology Second Term

Subject :

Basic Technology




Class : JSS 3 Basic 9


Term : Second Term


Weeks.        Topics


Week 1

  1. Revision of first term work


Week 2

  1. Mechanical energy transmission system.

(a) Friction

(b) effects of friction

(c) advantages and disadvantages of friction

(d) methods of reducing friction

(e) belt and chain drive

(f) comparison with the gear drive


Week 3

  1. Mechanical energy transmission system.Gear.

(i) Gears and gearing systems and related calculations.

(ii) types of gears; internal gear, external gear,…

(iii) uses of gears; power transmission, changing of direction, for selecting speed

(iv) gear ratios and speed ratio

(V) friction between meshed gears.


Week 4

  1. Mechanical energy transmission system. Motion

(i) linear motion (ii) lever arrangement to produce linear motion

(iii) uses of slides and slot in mechanical system

(iv) Rotary motion, types of rotary motion – oneway rotary motion and the reversible rotary motion.

(v) Conversion of rotary motion to linear motion


Week 5

  1. Mechanical energy transmission system. Airflow.

(i) Speed and pressure relationship in air flow.

(ii) Variation of air pressure and air speed and their applications.

Pneumatics; (i) simple hydraulics and pneumatics devices; simple force pump, double acting pump,…

(ii) Compressed air devices, hydraulic jacks, simple garden sprinkler, reaction turbine, water wheel


Week 6

  1. Simple electrical wiring:

(a) electrical circuit: series and parallel circuits

(b) wiring tools and materials; pliers, hammer, screw driver, clips, wooden blocks, cables, etc.

(c) accessories: switches, lamp holders, etc


Week 7

  1. Building

(a) foundation

(i) definition and function of foundation: support and weight of walls, roofs and inhabitants

(ii) foundation types: strip, stepped, raft etc.

(iii) types and properties of soil

(iv) hand tools and plant for excavation: diggers, shovels, excavator, etc. (b) walls; (i) materials for making walls: grass, zinc, curtain, bricks, etc. (ii) types of walls: walls grass, zinc, curtain bricks etc. (iii) materials for bonding


Week 8

  1. Building (c) floors: (i) floor: basement, ground floor, first floor, etc.

(ii) DPC (d) doors, windows and openings

(i) Doors: flush door, glazed, sliding, revolving, etc.

(ii) windows: louver, sliding, casement, etc (iii) lintel


Week 9

  1. Building (

e) Roofs (i) types of roof: flat roof, double pitched, lean-to Gable, etc

(ii) roofing materials: grass, zinc, aluminium, etc.

(f) simple blue print reading (I) sanitary wares: sink, bath, showers, etc. soak-away, septic tank, socket, windows, doors, room, etc.


Week 10

  1. Practical projects.pic :


Week 11



Week 12







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