Junior WASCE jss 1 NECO Business studies jss 1 past Questions for revision


1. ———— could be referred to the state of affairs during which an individual says solely what’s true (a) honesty (b) truthfulness (c) details (d) forthrightness


2. One of many following is NOT an help to commerce (a) Banking (b) Insurance coverage (c) Promoting (d) Inventory


3. The place the place items are saved till they’re wanted is named ­­­———— (a) Area bar (b) room (c) bank-house (d) warehouse


4. One of many following is an element of manufacturing (a) land (b) agriculture (c) business (d) lease


5. Coal mining is an instance of ………  (a) Constructive business (b) extractive business (c) direct service (d) tertiary manufacturing


6. The enterprise financed, fashioned and managed by one particular person is termed ……. (a) Company (b) partnership (c) sole proprietorship (d) cooperative society


7. The issue that coordinates or makes use of the opposite components of manufacturing is the …… (a) Land (b) capital (c) labour (d) entrepreneur


8. Workers issues in any group are handled by …….. (a) Personnel division (b) manufacturing division (c) gross sales division (d) finance division


9. The function of insurance coverage in commerce is actually to ……… (a) Stop harm (b)reduce enterprise danger (c) forestall wasteful ventures (d) not one of the above


10. Which of the next shouldn’t be an extractive occupation (a) Dentistry (b) farming (c) fishing (d) Mining?


11. ………. Is the reward of land (a) Entrepreneur (b) Cash (c) Capital (d) Lease?


12. The written settlement between companions is (a) companions doc (b) companions wage (c) partnership deed (d) partnership enterprise


13. Land is to lease as capital is to ……… (a) Lease age (b) curiosity (c) wages (d) states in Nigeria


14. Which of the next shouldn’t be a attribute of a sole dealer?     (a) He offers capital alone (b) He makes choices on his personal (c) He shares his earnings together with his companion (d) He takes all of the revenue or loss


15. Coal mining is an instance of ………….. (a) Constructive business (b) extractive business (c) direct service (d) tertiary manufacturing


16. Which of the next features shouldn’t be carried out by a retailer (a) Giving credit score facility (b) breaking bulk (c) storing numerous articles for gross sales (d) shopping for in small portions


17. Who of the next renders direct companies (a) trainer (b) miner (c) oil driller (d) cook dinner


18. Who’s a sole dealer (a) an individual who trades in soles (b) an individual who sells leather-based soles (c) an individual who runs enterprise on his personal (d) a bunch of one who works collectively



19. Which of the next is NOT a sort of companions (a) working companion (b) energetic companions (c) sleeping or dormant companion (d) nominal companion


20. What’s commerce (a) producing uncooked supplies (b) promoting uncooked supplies (c) shopping for and promoting of products and companies (d) giving of arms to the poor


21. Which of the next shouldn’t be a sort of manufacturing (a) main manufacturing (b) secondary manufacturing (c) tertiary manufacturing (d) fashionable manufacturing



22. Employees engaged in mining, quarrying and farming are referred to as (a) main producers (b) tertiary producers (c) secondary producers (d) business producers


23. Which of the next is an instance of direct service (a) mining (b) petroleum refining (c) medical service (d) farming


24. The kind of enterprise personal and financed by two or extra folks is thought (a) companions (b) partnership (c) sole proprietorship (d) two man enterprise 25.  ………… is the recording of enterprise transaction in a scientific method to offer info to be used by events (a) accounting (b) guide protecting (c) key boarding (d) library

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