Mid Term Test Basic Science and Technology Kindergarten Age 5 First Term Lesson Notes Week 6

Mid-Term Test for Kindergarten Basic Science and Technology


  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Name: ______________________
  • Class: ______________________

Objective Questions

Choose the correct answer for each question.

  1. A cut is a break in the ______. a) Skin
    b) Cloth
    c) Water
    d) Air
  2. We use ______ to clean a cut. a) Antiseptic wipes
    b) Glue
    c) Paint
    d) Sand
  3. To stop the bleeding, we apply ______. a) Pressure
    b) Paint
    c) Glue
    d) Sand
  4. We cover the cut with a ______. a) Bandage
    b) Cloth
    c) Book
    d) Toy
  5. Before treating a cut, we should wash our ______. a) Hands
    b) Feet
    c) Hair
    d) Clothes
  6. A ______ can cause a cut. a) Knife
    b) Book
    c) Pen
    d) Toy
  7. We cover a cut to protect it from ______. a) Germs
    b) Air
    c) Light
    d) Water
  8. A plaster is used to ______ a cut. a) Cover
    b) Open
    c) Paint
    d) Clean
  9. ______ can cause a cut if not handled carefully. a) Razor blade
    b) Book
    c) Pen
    d) Toy
  10. After treating a cut, we should wash our ______ again. a) Hands
    b) Feet
    c) Hair
    d) Clothes
  11. A nose bleed happens when a blood vessel in the nose ______. a) Bursts
    b) Heals
    c) Dries
    d) Grows
  12. To stop a nose bleed, you should ______ your nose. a) Pinch
    b) Blow
    c) Pick
    d) Rub
  13. When you have a nose bleed, you should lean ______. a) Forward
    b) Backward
    c) Sideways
    d) Upward
  14. You should hold your nose for at least ______ minutes. a) 1
    b) 5
    c) 10
    d) 20
  15. When treating a nose bleed, do not ______ down. a) Lie
    b) Stand
    c) Walk
    d) Jump
  16. Breathe through your ______ when treating a nose bleed. a) Mouth
    b) Nose
    c) Ears
    d) Eyes
  17. A common cause of nose bleeds is ______ air. a) Dry
    b) Wet
    c) Cold
    d) Hot
  18. Picking your ______ can cause a nose bleed. a) Nose
    b) Eyes
    c) Ears
    d) Mouth
  19. Nose bleeds often stop in ______ minutes. a) 10
    b) 20
    c) 30
    d) 40
  20. You should sit ______ when you have a nose bleed. a) Down
    b) Up
    c) Back
    d) Forward
  21. A simple machine used to cut paper is a ______. a) Scissors
    b) Knife
    c) Spoon
    d) Fork
  22. A device used to open bottles is a ______. a) Bottle opener
    b) Knife
    c) Scissors
    d) Spoon
  23. To make a hole in a paper, we use a ______. a) Punch
    b) Scissors
    c) Knife
    d) Spoon
  24. A wheelbarrow is an example of a ______. a) Simple machine
    b) Toy
    c) Tool
    d) Animal
  25. To lift something heavy, we can use a ______. a) Lever
    b) Spoon
    c) Book
    d) Paper
  26. A common simple machine found in the kitchen is a ______. a) Knife
    b) Book
    c) Pen
    d) Toy
  27. To tighten a screw, we use a ______. a) Screwdriver
    b) Knife
    c) Scissors
    d) Spoon
  28. A pair of pliers is used to ______. a) Hold things
    b) Write
    c) Cut paper
    d) Paint
  29. A machine that helps to lift water from a well is a ______. a) Pulley
    b) Knife
    c) Book
    d) Toy
  30. A common tool used by a carpenter is a ______. a) Hammer
    b) Spoon
    c) Book
    d) Pen

Theory Questions

Answer the following questions.

  1. Explain the steps to treat a cut.
  2. What is the first thing you should do when you have a nose bleed?
  3. List three items found in a First Aid box.
  4. How do you clean a cut?
  5. Why should you pinch your nose when you have a nose bleed?
  6. Describe what a simple machine is and give two examples.
  7. Why is it important to cover a cut?
  8. What should you avoid doing when you have a nose bleed and why?
  9. How can you prevent nose bleeds?
  10. Describe how to use a bandage to cover a cut.
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