First Aid Basic Science and Technology Kindergarten Age 5 First Term Lesson Notes Week 3

Lesson Plan for Kindergarten

Subject: Basic Science and Technology
Class: Kindergarten
Term: First Term
Week: 3
Age: 4-5 years
Topic: First Aid
Sub-topic: Understanding and Using a First Aid Box
Duration: 40 minutes

Behavioural Objectives

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Explain in their own words what they understand by first aid.
  2. List some items in a First Aid box.
  3. Demonstrate how to use the contents of a First Aid box.

Key Words

  • First Aid
  • First Aid box
  • Injury
  • Care

Set Induction

Begin with a simple story about a child who gets a small cut and how it is treated using items from a First Aid box.

Entry Behaviour

Pupils have basic knowledge of taking care of minor injuries from their daily experiences.

Learning Resources and Materials

  • Picture charts of a sick person and an injured person
  • Video clips about first aid
  • First Aid box with contents
  • Soap and water for hand washing

Building Background / Connection to Prior Knowledge

Discuss situations where they might have seen someone get a minor injury and how it was handled.

Embedded Core Skills

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Citizenship
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving

Learning Materials

  • Audio-Visual Resources
  • Picture charts
  • Video clips

Reference Books

  • Lagos State Scheme of Work

Instructional Materials

  • First Aid box with contents
  • Picture charts
  • Video clips on first aid


Explanation of First Aid:

  1. First Aid: Immediate care given to someone who is injured or ill before professional help arrives.
  2. Items in a First Aid box: Bandages, plasters, antiseptic wipes, gloves, scissors, tweezers, etc.

Steps to Administer First Aid:

  1. Clean the Wound: Use antiseptic wipes.
  2. Bandage the Injury: Use bandages or plasters.
  3. Wash Hands: Before and after administering first aid.

Objective Questions

  1. First aid is the ______ care given to someone who is injured. a) Last b) Immediate c) Later d) Delayed
  2. A ______ is used to cover a cut. a) Bandage b) Pen c) Book d) Toy
  3. We use ______ to clean a wound. a) Water b) Antiseptic wipes c) Glue d) Sand
  4. A First Aid box contains ______. a) Clothes b) Toys c) Medicines d) Food
  5. We wash our hands with ______ and water. a) Soap b) Sand c) Glue d) Paint
  6. ______ are used to cut bandages. a) Scissors b) Pens c) Books d) Toys
  7. We wear ______ to protect our hands. a) Gloves b) Hats c) Shoes d) Socks
  8. First aid helps to prevent ______. a) Infection b) Food c) Toys d) Water
  9. ______ is used to hold small items. a) Tweezers b) Scissors c) Books d) Shoes
  10. We cover a cut with a ______ to protect it. a) Plaster b) Book c) Pen d) Toy

Class Activity Discussion:

  1. What is first aid?
    • Immediate care given to someone who is injured or ill.
  2. Why do we need a First Aid box?
    • To have necessary items to treat minor injuries.
  3. What should you do first when someone gets a cut?
    • Clean the wound with antiseptic wipes.
  4. Why do we wash our hands before and after giving first aid?
    • To prevent infection.
  5. What item do we use to cover a cut?
    • A plaster or bandage.
  6. What is used to cut bandages?
    • Scissors.
  7. Why do we wear gloves when giving first aid?
    • To protect our hands and prevent infection.
  8. What do we use to clean a wound?
    • Antiseptic wipes.
  9. Why is it important to know first aid?
    • To help others when they are hurt.
  10. What is used to hold small items in a First Aid box?
    • Tweezers.


Step 1: Revising the Previous Topic

  • The teacher revises the previous topic: “My Body Parts.”

Step 2: Introducing the New Topic

  • The teacher introduces first aid using a story and shows a First Aid box.

Step 3: Pupils’ Contributions

  • The teacher allows the pupils to brainstorm the meaning of first aid and discuss their ideas.

Teacher’s Activities

  • Show picture charts of a sick and injured person.
  • Display the First Aid box and explain each item.
  • Show a video clip about first aid.
  • Guide pupils in hand washing and administering first aid.

Learners’ Activities

  • Brainstorm the meaning of first aid.
  • Identify and list contents of a First Aid box.
  • Watch video clips and discuss what they see.
  • Practice washing hands and using first aid items.


  • Pupils answer fill-in-the-blank questions.
  • Pupils in pairs demonstrate how to use items from the First Aid box.

Evaluation Questions

  1. What is the first thing to do when someone gets hurt?
  2. Name two items found in a First Aid box.
  3. Why do we use antiseptic wipes?
  4. How do you protect your hands while giving first aid?
  5. What do you use to cover a cut?
  6. Why is it important to clean a wound?
  7. What is the use of tweezers in a First Aid box?
  8. What do we use to cut bandages?
  9. How does first aid help an injured person?
  10. What should you do after treating a wound?


  • The teacher goes around to observe and provide feedback as pupils practice using first aid items. The teacher ensures pupils understand the steps and importance of first aid.

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