JSS 3 Basic Technology Exam Comprehensive Review Guide





Instructions: Answer all questions in section A and B


  1. Which of the following instruments is used to draw vertical lines? (a) Set square (b) Ruler (c) Protractor (d) Stencils
  2. Fastening paper to the board requires the use of _______. (a) Cello tape (b) Clips (c) Gum (d) Nails
  3. What is the correct pencil for sketching and lettering? (a) 2B (b) H (c) HB (d) 2H
  4. For lettering, your pencil should be sharpened to a conical point. (a) Chisel (b) Knife (c) Vertical (d) 2H
  5. Horizontal lines are mostly drawn with the aid of _______. (a) Tee square (b) Set square (c) Pencil (d) Stencils
  6. Which of the following is not done in freehand sketching? (a) Use of pencil (b) Use of eraser (c) Movement of wrist and fingers (d) Measurement of sizes
  7. Which of the following instruments is not required in setting paper on a drawing board? (a) Pencil (b) Drawing paper (c) Drawing board (d) Clip
  8. The following are types of lines EXCEPT _______. (a) Thick continuous (b) Thin continuous (c) Arrowhead (d) Black continuous
  9. The instrument used for drawing special angles is the _______. (a) Compass (b) Divider
  10. Drawing instruments are used for the purpose of producing _______. (a) Sketch drawing (b) Detailed drawing (c) Diagram
  11. A Title Block is drawn on your paper in what position? (a) Bottom right (b) Bottom left (c) Top right (d) Top left
  12. Angles are measured in _______. (a) Centimeters (b) Degrees (c) Inches (d) Kilometers
  13. The shortest distance between two points is called a _______. (a) Straight line (b) Space (c) Distance (d) Gap
  14. Short dashes are used for _______. (a) Breaking lines (b) Hidden details (c) Cutting planes (d) Projection lines
  15. Freehand sketching involves the use of paper, pencil, and _______. (a) Ruler (b) Compass (c) Eraser
  16. The vertical lines of the border line should be drawn using _______. (a) French curve (b) Ruler (c) Try square (d) Tee square
  17. Which of the following is not a common paper size? (a) A0 (b) A6 (c) A2 (d) A4
  18. Set squares are made with the following angles EXCEPT _______. (a) 30° (b) 60° (c) 70° (d) 45°
  19. Which of the following is the correct spacing measurement for border lines? (a) 20mm (b) 5mm (c) 10mm (d) 30mm
  20. The quickest method by which one can communicate the shape of an object without using any drawing instruments except a pencil is _______. (a) Technical drawing (b) Freehand sketching (c) Sculpturing (d) Technical sketching
  21. Which of the following can be sketched with freehand? (a) A circle (b) A curve (c) A square box (d) All of the above
  22. The following are characteristics of good lettering EXCEPT: (a) Uniform (b) Legible (c) Equally spaced (d) Artistic
  23. Lines that meet at 90° are called _______ lines. (a) Horizontal (b) Inclined (c) Perpendicular (d) Parallel
  24. Which of the following information is not needed on the title block? (a) Name (b) School (c) Age (d) Title
  25. What type of line is shown below? (a) Thick continuous (b) Thin continuous (c) Arrowhead (d) Thick long chain
  26. The line shown below is called _______ line. (a) Thick long chain (b) Thin long chain (c) Zigzag (d) Arrowhead
  27. Enlarging or reducing the size of a drawing is known as _______. (a) Reducing (b) Scaling (c) Dimensioning (d) Enlarging
  28. The two styles of lettering are _______ styles. (a) Vertical and inclined (b) Horizontal and vertical (c) Horizontal and inclined (d) Vertical and twisted
  29. One of the functions of a border line is _______. (a) To write information (b) To test the pencil (c) To protect the drawing inside (d) To occupy space
  30. _______ is used for constructing circles. (a) Compass (b) Ruler (c) Protractor (d) French curve
  31. In drawing horizontal lines, the head and the blade of the Tee square must be at what angle to each other? (a) 30° (b) 60° (c) 90° (d) 45°
  32. Agency of government responsible for road safety and accident rescue is: (a) FRCN (b) NPC (c) FRSC (d) NEEDS
  33. An effective safety device for extinguishing fire is _______. (a) Blanket (b) Extinguisher (c) Sand bucket (d) Smoke detector
  34. Which of the following colors is usually applied to the First aid box according to ISO? (a) Blue on red (b) Black on white (c) Red on white (d) White on green
  35. All the following are goals in first aid treatment EXCEPT: (a) Arresting bleeding and reducing pain (b) Assisting the medical officer with information (c) Preventing injuries from getting worse (d) Saving medical content
  36. An abnormal break in the continuity of the body which allows the entrance of germs causing infection is known as: (a) Cut (b) Wound (c) Accident (d) Stress
  37. The type of first-aid box that cannot be moved from one place to another is called: (a) Cabinet type (b) Unity type (c) Big type (d) Flat type
  38. The primary objective in a rescue operation is to: (a) Prevent more accidents (b) Safely evacuate casualties (c) Secure the casualties (d) Secure the environment
  39. An important tool for extricating trapped passengers and drivers in the case of a road disaster is the: (a) Hydraulic pump (b) Chock (c) Life jaw (d) Axe
  40. A type of burn which affects all the layers of the skin is known as _______ burn. (a) First-degree (b) Second-degree (c) Third-degree (d) Fourth-degree
  41. Fresh cut in the workshop is treated with: (a) Iodine (b) Hydrogen peroxide (c) Penicillin ointment (d) Calamine lotion
  42. Wood can be used for the following EXCEPT: (a) Roofing (b) Vehicle wheels (c) Pulps and papers (d) Furniture
  43. Plastics are used for making handles of cooking pots because they are: (a) Strong materials (b) Poor conductor of heat (c) Fire-resistant (d) Very durable
  44. Which of the following materials is used as an insulator? (a) Ceramics (b) Metal (c) Cast iron (d) Mild steel
  45. Which of the following is not a product of wood? (a) Chair (b) Pots (c) Statues (d) Table
  46. Terminals and plates of batteries are made up of: (a) Copper (b) Lead (c) Silver (d) Zinc
  47. Which of these metals is a ferrous metal? (a) Aluminum (b) Copper (c) Steel (d) Zinc
  48. The body of an aircraft is made out of: (a) Aluminum (b) Bronze (c) Copper (d) Gold
  49. The alloy of copper and Tin is: (a) Silver (b) Brass (c) Bronze (d) Duralumin
  50. A thin sheet of wood used in furniture is called: (a) Chipboard (b) Particle board (c) Plywood (d) Veneer
  51. Rubber can be used in the manufacturing of the following materials except: (a) Shock absorber (b) Handle of cooking pots (c) Hand glove (d) Electrical insulation
  52. The _______ of a regular polygon is found by joining the vertices of the polygon to the center so as to form several triangles. (a) Perimeter (b) Sides (c) Area (d) Angles
  53. Which of these quadrilaterals has both its pairs of opposite sides and opposite angles unequal? (a) Trapezium (b) Rectangle (c) Rhombus (d) Parallelogram
  54. To dissect a circle into a given triangle, bisect one angle of the triangle and use the angle side and one angle of the side of the triangle. (a) Two angles of the triangle (b) Three angles of the triangle (c) Two sides of the triangle (d) Two angles of the triangle
  55. The tip of a good drawing pencil should be _______. (a) Cylindrical (b) Rectangular (c) Circular (d) Conical
  56. Which of the following is not a polygon? (a) Triangle (b) Decagon (c) Pentagon (d) Hexagon
  57. Point K in the diagram below is the: (a) Vertex (b) Altitude (c) Center (d) Length
  58. Line N is referred to as the: (a) Vertex (b) Altitude (c) Center (d) Length
  59. Angle O is known as a _______ angle. (a) Acute (b) Reflex (c) Right (d) Obtuse
  60. If the triangle is equilateral, then all the sides are _______. (a) Unequal (b) Parallel (c) Adjacent (d) Equal



Answer any five questions:

  1. Circumscribe a triangle XYZ such that XY = 50mm, XZ = 60mm, and YZ = 70mm.
  2. Construct and name the triangle ABC given that AD = 11cm, BC = 8cm, and angle ABC = 45°.
  3. Construct a regular pentagon of side 5cm using any method.
  4. What is a machine? Mention SIX types of woodwork machines.
  5. What is bending operation in metal work?
  6. Draw a regular polygon and label its parts.
  7. Mention FIVE tools used in bending of sheet metal. 
  8. Mention three methods of caring and maintaining metalwork tool/ machines. 
  9. List and explain 5 types of Rescue operations. (5mks) 
  10. Write 4 properties of plastic (2mks) 
  11. Write 3 uses of wood (3mks)

End of Examination

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