As Schools resume soon, it is mostly enquiry time for most parents and guidance

It’s enquiry period! How is it going on your side? Here are some tips that have helped us over the years.

1. Don’t be desperate or to quick to accept pupils! Pls don’t be, it’s the beginning of failure.

2. Do not admit pupils or offer admission to pupils or learners not fit for a class after testing no matter what the parents says. Give professional advise why the child shouldn’t be placed in a class he or she is not fit for.

3. From the point of enquiry, make parents understand your vision and mission. Communicate it to them. Let them know and be aware of what your school stands for.

4. Ensure you let them know your policy, stand about things like fees, uniforms, end of sessions ceremony. Very important.

5. Ask them why they are changing schools for those changing. This will help you know the weakness of your competitors and help you work on them. Of course some will not tell the truth 🤣🤣

6. Be sound, be bold, be confident when speaking with parents. Be vast in your field, don’t just be a leader with no value, or have someone who is very sound and who understands your vision and mission to attend to parents.

7. Ensure your school is premises is neat at all times. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

8. If you’re doing holiday, add great value. Impressed parents could retain their kids on your school.

9. As a school owner, be opened to learning. Be ready to listen to parents during enquiry and after, you’ll be surprised there’s a lot to learn.

10. Don’t start by giving unnecessary discounts. You’re not selling pepper or meat. School fees should not be priced.

All the best!