Pry 2 Vocational Aptitude 1st Term




NAME OF PUPIL____________________________________ DATE __________

1. An example of a trade is ___________

(a) Teaching (b) Working (c) Sewing

2. People work in order to __________________

(a) Be happy (b) Earn money (c) Build house

3. People in the different vocations are all _______________

(a) Occupation (b) Workers (c) Salary

4. Any work that needs training and a high level of education is ____ (a) Good job (b) Profession (c) Doctor

5. Who among these occupation needs good education for his kind of work? (a) Teaching (b) Carpenter (c) Pilot

Write the names of the workers who do these jobs in the blanks

Choose your answer from the list:

Journalist, Hair dresser, Engineer

Baker, Carpenter

6. One who makes wooden materials is a _____________________

7. One who bakes bread and cakes is a _______________________

8. One who dresses women’s hair is a ________________________

9. One who builds roads and bridges is an _______________________

10. One who writes news report for radio is a _____________________

11. A person who buys and sells is a ____________________

(a) Trader (b) Trading (c) Market

12. Where people buy and sells is called ___________________
(a) goods (b) Trader (c) Market

13. The money used in trading refers to ___________________

(a) Market (b) Trader (c) Capital

14. __________ is a person who instructs, guide and protect pupils

(a) Teacher (b) Baker (c) Tailor

15. Before I became a trader, I must consider my ___________

(a) Level of education

(b) Buying and selling

(c) Interest and ability

Fill in the blanks with the correct answer from the brackets

Occupation Profession or Trade

16. Teaching ___________________

17. Farming ____________________

18. Plumbing _____________________

19. Carpentry ______________________

20. Welding ______________________

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