Express 37 base 10 in binary.



Class: Basic 5




Topic: Revision



Instruction: Answer the following questions by showing all workings.


1. Express 37 base 10 in binary.


2. The chance of selecting letter ‘P’ from the word ‘PENCIL’ is ____________.


3. What is the mean of the given set of numbers: 10, 11,13,11, 9?


4. A ____________ is used in measuring and drawing angles. (a) ruler (b) divider (c) protractor


5. When the sum of two angles equals 90°, they are called ___________ angles.

(a) supplementary (b) complementary (c) co-interior


6. What is the supplementary angle of 133°? (a) 47° (b) 43° (c) 227°


7. Calculate the volume of a cube of side 9cm

(a) 81cm^2 (b) 729cm^3 (c) 36cm^2


8. What is the area of a triangle with base 8cm and height 6cm?

(a) 48cm^2 (b) 14cm^2 (c) 24cm^2


9. Mention two examples of three dimensional shapes.

_____________, ______________


10. The normal body temperature is ____________

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