Animals and the Sounds they Produce



Class:Basic 2



Subject:Verbal Reasoning


Topic:Animals and the Sounds they Produce



All animals make sounds be it small or big.Here are some examples of animals and the Sounds they produce.




1.Cock crows


2.Dog. barks


3.Bird whistles


The sound a man produces is to talk.e.t.c.





Choose from the bracket the sounds that each animals listed below produces.


1.Squeals (pig, rabbit,monkey)


2.lows (rabbit, hen, cow)


3.Whistles. (cock, bird, lion)


4.Hoots. (owl, cow, cat)


5.Purrs (Bird, bull, cat)


6.Roars (Duck, lion, elephant)


7.Grunts (owl, pig, rabbit)


8.Cackles (hen, monkey, rabbit)


9.Bellows (rabbit,bull,bird)


10.Hums (bee, cock, owl )

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