Modes Of Worship In Nigeria


Class : Basic 2.

Subject : Social/ Studies.

Topic : Modes Of Worship.



Nigerian People worship God in different ways.

We have three types of religion.

a. Islam

b. Christianity

c. Traditional


Islam : Some people worship God the Muslim way. Muslims practice lslam.

The mosque is where Muslims worship God


Muslims read the Holy Quran.

An imam teaches Muslims about God and the Quran.

The Eid is a Muslim festival to celebrate the end of the fasting period.


Christianity : Some people worship God the Christian way. The Church is where Christians worsip God.

Christians read the Holy Bible.

The Bible is the most important book for Christians. A Pastor teaches Christians about God and Bible.


Christians have two important holidays : Christmas and Easter.

At Christmas, they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

People exchange presents during Christmas.


Traditional Worship.

Some people worship gods in traditional ways.

Different ethnic groups have different ways of traditional worship.


Yoruba traditional worshippers worship Sango ( the god of thunder),

Osun( the god of fertility)

and Ogun ( the god of iron).


Igbo traditional

worshippers worship the spirit of their ancestors.

Traditional worshippers worship in a shrine.




a. What is the Christian Holy Book ? —————-

b. What is the

Muslim Holy Book ? ——————

c. Traditional worshippers worship in a —————

d. How many types of religion do we have ?————

e. Mention the types of religion that we have.

a. ———————–

b. ———————-

c. ———————–

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