SECOND TERM EXAMINATION 2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                                                     SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES   NAME:……………………………………………………………………………………. 1.   _____ is a disease or sickness affecting the body (a) fighting (b) illness (c) dancing (d) playing
2.   Diseases are caused by harmful _____ (a) germs  (b) vegetables  (c) fruits  (d) clothes
3.   The people who are trained to give us drugs are _____ and _____    (a) mummy and daddy (b) doctors and nurses   (c) teacher and pupil            (d) brother and sister
4.When people are sick, they don’t feel well (a) No    (b) Yes   (c) Maybe 
5.  _____________ are chemicals or substances that change the way our bodies work. (a) drug                (b) drink        (c) food          (d) fruit
6.   Accident are caused by being _____ (a) playing (b) careless (c) careful (d) driving
7.   Malaria is introduced into our bodies when we get bitten by a _________ (a) dog      (b) malaria     (c) mosquito (d) goat
8.   Mosquitoes breed in stagnant ______ (a) oil    (b) cream    (c) salt     (d) water
9.   It is very important to be watchful for _____ when we cross the road (a) goat (b) dog (c) people            (d) vehicles
10. Every home, school and office should have a first aid _____ (a) pot (b) box (c) cup (d) bowl
11. Nigeria has ______ states and ______ capitals      (a) 39 and 39       (b) 36 and 35           (c) 36 and 36             (d) 40 and 40
12. _________ is the president of Nigeria (a) Akinwunmi Ambode (b) Bola Tinubu (c) Muhammed Buhari (d) Raji Fashola
13._____ is the capital of Adamawa State  (a) Oyo (b) Yola (c) Ogun (d) Ikeja
14.____________ is the capital of Katsina (a) Kogi (b) Enugu (c) Katsina (d) Edo
15. A swamp is land that is soft and _______ (a) rich     (b) muddy     (c) hard      (d) poor  
16.Rainforests are forests that grow in areas where there is a lot of ________         (a) grass (b) rain (c) sand (d) clay  
17.Cash crops are crops that are cultivated to be sold for _________ (a)  Food       (b) material      (c) money     (d) crops  
18. ECOWAS was founded on May 28th 1975     (a) Yes          (b) No             (c) Maybe  
19.The headquarters of ECOWAS is in ________ Nigeria (a) Ondo (b) Kano (c) Abuja (d) Jos
20) The ____________ a country uses is called its currency (a) soap (b) money (c) sand (d) salt    
  Section B:
Answer all questions
1.)   What is an illness____________________________________________________________                  
2.)   What is first aid_____________________________________________________________        
 3.)   What is a swamp ____________________________________________________________        __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________       
  b.) What are food crops _________________________________________________________         __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________  
4.)   State four main food crops in West Africa
(a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________  
5.)   What are cash crops__________________________________________________________                  
b.) What is an island?____________________________________________________________                 
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