Primary 1 Basic Science


Choose from the option lettered a – c the one that is most suitable
Natural sources of water includes the following except ___________ (a) rain (b) river (c) well
Air is a mixture of ___________ (a) gases (b) liquid (c) solid
Aquatic animals are the animals that live in/on ______ (a) air (b) water (c) land
Which of the following is an artificial sources of water? (a) spring (b) ponds (c) rain
Air is everywhere (a) True (b) False
Which of the following animals live in water? (a) crocodile (b) goat (c) dog
There are __________ main sources of water (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 5
Can air be seen and touched? (a ) Yes (b) No
Simple machine makes work easier? (a) Yes (b) No
Technology is human activity used in making simple tools and materials (a) True (b) False
Leaf is green while tomato is _____ in colour (a) Yellow (b) Red (c) White
___________ is the making of a copy of an object in a form smaller than the original objects (a) modeling (b) drawing (c) painting

__________ soil is the best for modeling (a) clay (b) dry sand (c) loamy
An example of simple machine for cutting clothes is ______ (a) axe (b) scissors (c) opener
The colour of your uniforms are _________ and __________
(a) pink and grey (b) red and green (c) white and brown

The red traffic light indicates _______ (a) get ready (b) stop (c) move
Is it good to put a nail into the electric socket? (a) Yes (b) No
You must have a bath ____________ a day. (a) twice (b) once (c) never
Wash your hands after using the toilet. (a) True (b) False
It is good to run carelessly along the corridor (a) True (b) False

Primary 1 Basic Science

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