Early Childhood

Fun with Letters: Nursery 1 Letter Learning Activities!

Q: What letters are we learning to read and write in Nursery 1? A: We are learning to read and write letters from “a” to “o.” Q: Can you fill in the missing letters in the sequence “a______ c ______e ______g ______ i ______k ______m ______ o”? A: Yes, we can fill in the missing

Discovering Bible Stories: Fun Learning for Playgroup Kids!” 📚✨

Learning Bible Knowledge in Playgroup! 📖 Who Was Samuel? Example: “Samuel was a good child in the Bible.” Showing Love and Trust Example: “We show love when we share toys. (a) Yes (b) No” Importance of Obedience and Truth Example: “Children should always obey their parents. YES or No” Understanding God’s Love Example: “God loves

Baby Development Milestones: 0-18 Months Guide

DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES 0-18 MONTHS ONE (1) MONTH Bring hands to mouth. Turn towards familiar voices and sounds. Suckle breast and touch it with hands. Have BCG and DPT immunization. Official birth registration. Open eyes and see. THREE (3) MONTHS Turn head towards bright colors and light. Make fists with both hands. Move eyes to loud
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