Developmental Psychology

Examine three (3) developmental tasks in Adulthood according to Robert Harvighurst.

  Robert Havighurst, a renowned psychologist and educator, identified several developmental tasks that individuals face throughout their lives. Here are three specific developmental tasks in adulthood according to Havighurst: Career Development: During adulthood, individuals often focus on their careers. Havighurst emphasized the importance of selecting and pursuing a vocation or occupation that aligns with one’s

Briefly discuss four (4) processes of Maturation and Aging in Adulthood.

Maturation and Biological Aging: In Nigeria, as individuals age, we observe the physiological changes that occur over time. For instance, consider the process of maturation in women, particularly related to menopause. Menopause typically occurs in Nigerian women in their late 40s or early 50s, marking the end of their reproductive years. This biological change is

Examine the concept. “Adulthood”

Adulthood is a multifaceted concept that is defined and understood differently across cultures and through various perspectives, such as biological, psychological, chronological age, social responsibility, and perceived maturity. Let’s examine these aspects in more detail: Biological Perspective: In biological terms, adulthood is often associated with the onset of puberty when an individual becomes physically capable

Identify the Social characteristics of Adolescence and their Educational implications

A. Development of Personal Identity: Social Characteristic: Adolescents seek to develop their personal identity, asking questions like “Who am I?” They crave more independence. Educational Implication: In education, it’s vital to provide opportunities for self-discovery. For instance, students in Nigeria may explore their identities through cultural projects, like researching and presenting on their indigenous languages

List ten (10) factors affecting personality development among children.

Genetics: Inherited traits and genetic predispositions can influence a child’s personality. Family Environment: The family’s dynamics, parenting style, and relationships among family members play a significant role. Peer Influence: Interaction with peers and friends can shape a child’s values, interests, and behaviors. Cultural and Societal Values: Cultural norms, beliefs, and societal expectations can impact a

Identify any five (5) lessons that can be learnt from the study of intellectual development.

Stimulation Enhances Intelligence: Increased intellectual stimulation plays a crucial role in enhancing intelligence. Teachers bear the responsibility of providing the necessary training and stimulation to help children reach higher levels of intellectual functioning. Intellect Has Many Components: Intellectual development involves various components, just as children study multiple subjects in primary school. This diversity of subjects

Briefly explain the stages of monthly development at the Pre-Natal Stage

The prenatal development stage lasts for nine months and can be summarized as follows: First Month: Developmental Features: The embryo is fixed to the uterus through the placenta. It receives nourishment and eliminates waste through the placenta. Key organs like the heart, liver, and digestive system begin to form. Example: The baby’s heart starts to

Describe the concept of conception.

  Conception takes place when a sperm from the man fuses with the egg (ovum) from a female to form a zygote in a process called fertilization. This is the beginning of human development. This stage is called pre-natal stage and usually lasts for nine (9) months The development at this stage is rapid and
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