Agricultural Science Primary 2 First Term Lesson Notes

Revision Agricultural Science Primary 2 Week 11 First Term Plan Lesson Notes

Subject: Agricultural Science Class: Primary 2 Term: First Term Week: 11 Topic: Revision Sub-topic: General review of Agricultural Science concepts covered so far Duration: 45 minutes Entry Behaviour: Ask students to recall the names of different farm animals and plants discussed in previous lessons. Key Words: Farm animals, plants, soil, seeds, growth, harvest. Behavioural Objectives:

Agric Science Grade 2 First Term

CHRISTMAS TERM EXAMINATION (FIRST TERM)  SUBJECT: AGRIC SCIENCE | TIME: 1 HOUR CLASS: GRADE 2 NAME OF PUPIL:____________________ | DATE: __________ _______ are instruments used for working on the farm. (a) Simple farm tools (b) Animal tools (c) Human tools Sickle, Cutlass, Knife, and frame saw are examples of ________. (a) Digging tools (b) Cutting