Revision and Revision Test Letter Work Kindergarten Age 5 First Term Lesson Notes Week 10

Kindergarten Lesson Plan – First Term Week 10

Subject: English (Letter Work)

Class: Kindergarten

Term: First Term

Week: 10

Age: 4-5 years

Topic: Revision and Revision Test

Duration: 40 minutes

Behavioural Objectives

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. Review and recall key concepts learned during the term.
  2. Complete a revision test based on the topics covered.

Key Words

  • Review
  • Test
  • Revision

Set Induction

  • The teacher greets the pupils and explains that they will review what they’ve learned so far and then take a fun quiz.

Entry Behaviour

  • Pupils have learned letter sounds, blending, reading, and writing two and three-letter words, vowel sounds, and simple sentences.

Learning Resources and Materials

  • Flashcards: Displaying letter sounds, words, and sight words.
  • Audio Visual Resources: Videos used throughout the term for blending and reading words.
  • Test Papers: Prepared with 30 questions covering the topics learned.

Building Background / Connection to Prior Knowledge

  • Pupils have been practicing various letter sounds, blending words, and reading short sentences.

Embedded Core Skills

  1. Communication and Collaboration: Reviewing concepts together.
  2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Answering revision test questions.

Reference Books

  • Lagos State Scheme of Work for Kindergarten

Instructional Materials

  • Charts with key concepts
  • Flashcards for quick revision
  • Test papers with questions

Lesson Content

Explanation of the Revision Process

  1. Review: Go over the key concepts learned during the term, including letter sounds, blending, vowel sounds, two-letter and three-letter words, and simple sentences.
  2. Test: Conduct a revision test with 30 questions to assess understanding.

Learning Activities

  1. Review Session: The teacher will use flashcards and charts to review letter sounds, blending patterns, and sight words with the pupils.
  2. Test Preparation: Explain the format of the revision test to the pupils and ensure they understand how to answer the questions.
  3. Test: Pupils will complete the revision test.

Teacher’s Activities

  • Lead the review session by revisiting each topic covered during the term.
  • Use visual aids to reinforce learning.
  • Distribute and explain the test paper.
  • Monitor and assist pupils during the test.

Learners’ Activities

  • Participate in the review session by responding to questions and engaging with the visual aids.
  • Complete the revision test to the best of their ability.


Revision Test (30 Questions)

Fill-in-the-Blank Questions

  1. The blend of ‘a’ + ‘n’ + ‘t’ is __.
    • a) ant
    • b) bat
    • c) atn
    • d) tna
  2. The blend of ‘b’ + ‘a’ + ‘g’ is __.
    • a) bag
    • b) big
    • c) bog
    • d) bug
  3. The blend of ‘c’ + ‘a’ + ‘t’ is __.
    • a) cot
    • b) cut
    • c) cat
    • d) kit
  4. Write the blend of ‘d’ + ‘o’ + ‘g.’
  5. Which blend is correct?
    • a) cag
    • b) cag
    • c) cop
    • d) cap
  6. Write the blend of ‘h’ + ‘e’ + ‘n.’
  7. The blend of ‘p’ + ‘i’ + ‘g’ is __.
    • a) peg
    • b) pig
    • c) pog
    • d) pug
  8. Write the blend of ‘c’ + ‘u’ + ‘p.’
  9. The blend of ‘m’ + ‘u’ + ‘g’ is __.
    • a) mug
    • b) meg
    • c) mig
    • d) mog
  10. Which sight word is not correct?
    • a) the
    • b) you
    • c) bot
    • d) saw

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Which letter is a vowel?
    • a) b
    • b) c
    • c) a
    • d) d
  2. The word “at” is made up of which sounds?
    • a) a + t
    • b) a + s
    • c) e + t
    • d) o + t
  3. The sight word ‘all’ is spelled as __.
    • a) al
    • b) all
    • c) ale
    • d) ali
  4. Write the blend of ‘s’ + ‘u’ + ‘n.’
  5. Which is a three-letter word?
    • a) in
    • b) up
    • c) cat
    • d) as
  6. The blend of ‘h’ + ‘a’ + ‘t’ is __.
    • a) hit
    • b) hat
    • c) hot
    • d) hat
  7. The blend of ‘b’ + ‘e’ + ‘d’ is __.
    • a) bad
    • b) bed
    • c) bid
    • d) bud
  8. Which word rhymes with ‘hen’?
    • a) bed
    • b) hen
    • c) pen
    • d) can
  9. The sight word ‘you’ is spelled as __.
    • a) yo
    • b) you
    • c) yuo
    • d) yu
  10. Which of these is a consonant blend?
    • a) ae
    • b) bl
    • c) oe
    • d) io

True or False Questions

  1. The word ‘cat’ is a three-letter word. (True/False)
  2. The blend ‘p’ + ‘i’ + ‘n’ makes the word ‘pin.’ (True/False)
  3. The sight word ‘the’ starts with the letter ‘t.’ (True/False)
  4. The blend ‘m’ + ‘e’ + ‘n’ makes the word ‘man.’ (True/False)
  5. The blend ‘d’ + ‘o’ + ‘g’ makes the word ‘dog.’ (True/False)
  6. The sight word ‘saw’ is spelled as ‘so.’ (True/False)
  7. The blend ‘r’ + ‘a’ + ‘t’ makes the word ‘rat.’ (True/False)
  8. The blend ‘h’ + ‘e’ + ‘n’ makes the word ‘hen.’ (True/False)
  9. The blend ‘b’ + ‘i’ + ‘g’ makes the word ‘big.’ (True/False)
  10. The sight word ‘put’ is spelled as ‘pot.’ (True/False)


  • The teacher collects the test papers and provides feedback to the pupils.
  • The teacher goes over the answers and clarifies any doubts.
  • Reinforces the importance of practicing blending and reading.

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