Revision French Primary 3 First Term Plan Lesson Notes 

Subject: French

Class: Primary 3

Term: First Term

Week: 11

Topic: Revision

Sub-topic: French Vocabulary

Duration: 30 minutes

Entry Behaviour: Students should have basic knowledge of previously taught French words.

Key words: French, vocabulary, revision, words, phrases.

Behavioral Objectives:

  1. Students will recall and say common French words.
  2. Students will identify and use simple French phrases.
  3. Students will demonstrate understanding of basic French vocabulary.

Embedded Core Skills:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Memory recall

Learning Materials:

  • Flashcards with French words
  • Classroom whiteboard and markers


  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
    • Briefly discuss the importance of learning French vocabulary.
    • Remind students of previously learned words.
  2. Presentation (10 minutes):
    • Use flashcards to display common French words.
    • Pronounce and repeat each word, encouraging students to follow along.
  3. Teacher’s Activities (10 minutes):
    • Engage students in a simple Q&A session using the displayed words.
    • Encourage students to repeat the words after the teacher.
  4. Learners’ Activities (5 minutes):
    • Repeat and practice pronouncing French words.
    • Engage in simple conversations using the learned vocabulary.


  • Teacher observation of students’ pronunciation.
  • Participation in the Q&A session.


  • Assess students based on their ability to recall and pronounce words.
  • Evaluate participation in conversational activities.


  • Summarize the words learned during the lesson.
  • Encourage students to practice at home.


  • Ask students to practice saying the French words at home with family members.

This lesson aims to reinforce the students’ French vocabulary through interactive and engaging activities, fostering a foundation for further language learning

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