Underline the correct answer

(1) _________________ is an example of early counting machine or devices

(a) Stone (b) Calculator (c) computer

(2) A computer needs input devices to work

( True / False)

(3) The input devices used in moving the cursors is called

(a)Mouse (b) monitor (c)printer

(4) ________________________ keys are found on a keyboard

(a) Functions key (b)Master keys

(5) The mouse is used for ____________________ screen, up, down, left and right

(a) cancelling (b)breaking (c) Moving

(6) Keyboard is an output device

True / False

(7) The ____________________ shows information on its screen

(a) Printer (b)Monitor (c) Keyboard

(8) The ________________ is used to produce information in hardcopy

(9) he speaker is ______________________ producing device

(a) Energy (b) sound (c) symbol

(10) The speaker works with ________________________

(a) Water (b) electricity (c)sand

(11) Which of these is not an output devices

(a) Speaker (b) mouse (c0 Monitor

(12) Calculator is used for typing

13. Which of these is a storage device?

(a) Flash disk (b) soft disk (c) Light disk


14 Hard disk is a storage device

(a) Yes (b) No


15 The hard disk stores all the computer programs and ________________

(a) movies (b) files (c) songs


16 Devices should not be ________________into the computer drives

(a) put (b) slot (c) forced


17 We must handle the storage device _________________

(a) Carelessly (b) Properly (c) Hardly


18 The floppy disk is also known as _____________

(a) Diskette (b) Flash (c) Zip


19 The diskette can be kept used to store _______________

(a) Money (b) Food (c) Data


20 The diskette should be kept away from _______________

(a) User (b) Dust (c) Air

21 It is not safe to put the diskette under the sum

(a) Yes (b) No

22. The diskette should be kept in a _____________place

(a) wet (b) safe (hot

23. The following are first generation of computers except ___________________

(a) C.P.U (b) ENTAC (c) UNIVAC


24. The present day computer has very ______________ speed

(a) Low (b) dirty (c) high


25. The present day computer comes in various shapes and ___________________

(a) Sizes (b) Letters (c) Numbers


26. Laptop is _________________ in size

(a) Larger (b) portable (c) bigger


27. A wooden frame that holds wires on which beads are strung is known as ____________

(a) Computer (b) Abacus (c) TV


28. The textile loom produces clothes

(a) True (b) False


29. The first generation of computer made use of _______________

(a) Vacuum tube (b) software (c) I.C.


30. The present day computer produces less heat

(a) True (b) False


Answer all the question

1(a) What is input device

(b) List three input devices

2(a) What is an output device

(b) List three output devices

3(a) Draw and colour keyboard

(b) Draw and colour Monitor

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