English Language BASIC 6 First Term Examination








Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow

In the recent past, it is the belief of many people that the story and study of occurrences at home or in the life of man is called history. Some people are of the opinion that dates are very vital while studying history. Others believed that they are not personal. For events to be remembers, dates are very necessary.

In the year 1999, Nigerians began the fourth republic by electing the President, Governors and members of the federal and state houses of Assembly. The same was repeated in May 2003.

After eight years of civil rule, 1999 to 2007, Nigerians again went to the poll to elect a new president, state governors and members of state Assembly.



  • When did Nigeria begin the fourth Republic _____ (a) 1989 (b) 1999 (c) 2019
  • Nigerians went to poll again after __________ years (a) four (b) eight (c) ten
  • What is necessary while studying history ______ (a) people (b) names (c) dates
  • The word nearest in meaning to the word “president” is ____ (a) leader (b) governor (c) junior
  • History is the study of _______ (a) past occurrence (b) future occurrence (c) recent occurrence


Part B: Identify the type of pronoun that is underlined in each of the following sentences

  • I am happy to see you.  Ans = ____________________________
  • Who is a teacher?  Ans = _______________________________
  • It is lost.  Ans = ______________________
  • This bag is mine. Ans = __________________________
  • This is my friend. Ans = _____________________________


Part C: Fill the gaps with the synonyms of the underlined word  

  • The hunter retired to his abode at the end of the day (a) camp (b) cubicle (c) home
  • The man was sluggish (a) fast (b) quick (c) slow
  • The girl asked for a slice of bread (a) peace (b) roll (c) loaf
  • The cutlass is unclean (a) dirty (b) nice (c) old
  • I borrowed this ruler from her (a) collected (b) picked (c) stole


Part D: Composition

Write a composition that is not less than eight sentences on “My School”

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