1.)   To boot a computer means to _________ it on  (a) switch (b) off (c) spoil  


2.)   Spreadsheets are application packages used for _______________ (a) drawing graphic                    (b) entertainment                 (c) arithmetic work  


3.)   Word processing package is an example of ____________________ (a) application software                        (b) flash disk             (c) computer games  


4.)   The reset button is found on the ___________________________  


5.)   Computer cables are ___________________ used to connect parts of computer together.  


6.)   __cable is used for the hard disk, floppy disk and the motherboard (a) UPS (b) IDE (c) Power  


7.)   Humanware are also known as ___________   (a) hardware    (b) users  (c) software  


8.)   The components of a computer system is divided into ________  (a) 2  (b) 4    (c) 3


  9.)   A monitor uses a power cable and ____________ cable (a) UPS (b) in-to-in (c) CPU


  10.) Windows 8 software makes it possible for a computer to work because is a/an _______ (a) application software            (b) system software             (c) assembler  


11.) The process of switching on the computer system is called _____________ (a) switching                   (b) powering                         (c) booting  


12.) When your system stops responding to command you ______________ (a) cold boot it                (b) warm boot it                    (c) boot it continuously


  13.) The keyboard is connected to the monitor (a) True (b) False  


14.) What will you do if your computer system is not working effectively? (a) abandon it                 (b) restart it               (c) hit the computer  


15.)  We can boot the computer in _____________ ways (a) four (b) two (c) three  


16.) Software means ___________________________   (a) set of instruction that controls the operation of the system   (b) the computer users (c) the computer casing


  17.)  Which of the following is not a hardware component? (a)  Output devices  (b) input devices (c) Antivirus  


18.) The shortcut for warm booting is _______  (a) Alt + Del + Ctrl        (b) Shift + Alt + Del             (c) Ctrl + Alt + Del  


19.) We can pass information through ______   (a) making noise (b) talking drum   (c) gossiping  


20.)  _______ is used to connect different parts of a computer             (a) software     (b) connector cables     (c) extension wire


  21.) Which of the following storage devices do we put into a CD ROM? (a) flash disk                   (b) compact disk                  (c) floppy disk    


      22.) Computer hardware is divided into _____ main components (a) 1   (b) 3 (c)  4


23.)  Microsoft is owned by _______ (a) Sir Charles Babbage               (b) Blaise Pascal     (c) Bill Gates


24.) A program used to fight virus on our computer system is called _________ (a) anti-computer                       (b) anti-natal             (c) anti-virus  


25.) One of these is an ancient method of passing message. (a) town criers                            (b) crying hard                      (c) cooking with fire  


26.) IPO means _______________________________________________ (a) input-process-output             (b) insert-protect-only      (c) inner-process-order


  27.) Input can be supplied into the computer by using one of these devices. (a)  printer      (b) CPU     (c) keyboard  


28.) Computer parts are connected to the ________ (a) monitor (b) system unit (c) printer


29.)  The system software called O.S. means ____________ (a) Open sentences (b) Operating Satisfy (c) Operating System  


30.) Antivirus is an example of _________ software (a) operating (b) utilities (c) application




1.)   Define booting? _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________  


b.) State two ways of booting a computer (a) ________________________________           

(b) ________________________________  


2.) State the difference between the two ways of booting  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  


3.) State two sources of information (a) ________________________________         


   (b) ________________________________    


b.) Give two examples of a storage device

(a) ________________________________           


(b) ________________________________  

4.) State the two types of software you know

(a) ________________________________           

(b) ________________________________

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