Why Do You Allow Your Child Do Extra Lesson Work.


When a learner is not performing, there is a tendency of parents and school

to decide for the learner on how he/she can perform well in academics[mediator_tech]

The problem with this is when both parents and school don’t know why the

learner is not performing

Some say it is because he/she is lazy, so the best method is extra lesson…

My question is, if it was lessons that can change the learner, why is he

having problem with reading skill despite lessons from 8am to 2pm

School owners need to have a good understanding of what makes a learner
improve and the method or techniques that improves such a learner.
If you don’t know the use of extra lesson classes, you will abuse it as a


Extra lesson class is meant for three important things…

1. To make students that do not have control from home spend more time in


2. To allow customized teaching for struggling children… Not continuation

of class work

3. To execute performance plans of the school as touching students that are

not doing well or students representing the school in competitions…

Am sure you are wondering what coach wale is saying with this topic…

Extra lesson should not be done in your school without involvement of the


There are 14 things to be done to make extra lesson an effective time to

improve low graders

1. School must take minimum of 30% for effectiveness and obligation to
2. School must supervise the lesson processes in that the teachers must use
customized and learner-centred approach during this time
3. parent involvement must not be too personal with lesson teachers else
the teacher will stop seeing the school as his employer and start seeing


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