Social studies

Read the following questions and pick out the best answer from the given alternatives

Culture is dynamic simply mean that culture is ____
changing (b) complex (c) rigid (d) static

Which of the following is not example of home appliances
Blender (b) Projector (c) Radio (d) Refrigerator

Which of the following is not a source of water? ____
Oak (b) Rainfall (c) River (d) Stream

The Efik are found in one of the following states in Nigeria ___
Rivers (b) Cross River (c) Ogun (d) Ondo

The following are examples of tangible culture except ___
belief (b) building (c) clothes (d) food

Which of the following means of transportation is the oldest in Nigeria? ___
Air (b) Pipeline (c) Road (d) Water

The Nigerian flag was designed by Mr. ____
Abiodun Ishola (b) Kehinde Akinwunmi (c) Taiwo Akinkunmi (d) Taiwo Akinsola

Which of the following is not a food crops? ___ (a) cassava (b) cotton (c) maize (d) millet

The fastest means of transportation is _____ (a) aeroplane (b) boat (c) car (d) horse

Limestone can be found in (a) Abeokuta (b) Ewekoro (c) Ilaro (d) Jos

Which of the following town does not have a seaport? ___
Benin (b) Calabar (c) Lagos (d) Port Harcourt

All the following are modern means of transportation except _____
Aeroplane (b) Wheelbarrow (c) Car (d) Train

The current system of Education in Nigeria is ____ (a) 5: 4: 4 (b) 6: 3: 4 (c) 9: 3: 4 (d) 7: 5: 4

What does the green colours of the Nigerian Coat of Arms stand for? ____
dignity (b) fertile soil (c) peace (d) strength

The longest river in Nigeria is River ____ (a) Benue (b) Kaduna (c) Niger (d) Osun

The following are characteristics of culture except ____
It has historical basis (b) it has regional boundaries (c) It is dynamic (d) It is static

The aspect of our culture which are in concrete forms are referred to as ____
complex (b) material (c) simple (d) non-material

Nigeria is divided into ___ geo-political zones
four (b) six (c) thirty-six (d) seven hundred and seventy six

Social studies

Which among the following establishments is not in the business of maintaining national security (a) Army (b) Police (c) State Security Services (d) Nigeria Labour Congress

The union between a man and a woman is called ____
courtship (b) relationship (c) friendship (d) marriage

____ is the mode/manner or method of worship
practice (b) religion (c) culture (d) enjoyment

_____ is the sum total way of life of a group of people
material (b) culture (c) historical practice (d) Dynamic

_____ is a break in marriage (a) divorce (b) marriage (c) wedding (d) engagement

Cereals are cultivated purposely for their ____ (a) roots (b) stems (c) tubes (d) seeds

Marriage between a man and several women is known as ____
adultery (b) monogamy (c) polygamy (d) advent

Social studies

Man uses science and technology to create the following except ____
roads (b) forest (c) machines (d) factories

All are agents of socialization except ____ (a) banks (b) schools (c) family (d) churches

The arm of government that is responsible for making law is known as The ____
executive (b) judiciary (c) legislature (d) lawyer

_____ was the Senate President of Federal Republic of Nigeria as at April 12 2017
Bukola Saraki (c) Babangida Aliu (c) Rotimi Amaechi (d) Osibanjo Yemi

The first political party on Nigeria was ___ (a) APC (b) UPN (c) NCNC (d) AG


Part B: Theory


Write out four National symbols of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Write out four factors that affect growth and development

Write out four synthetic drugs

Social studies

What is communication
b.) Write out two media of communication

What is transportation
b.) Write out two means of transportation

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