Basic Technology JSS 2 Second Term Lesson Notes

Metal and Wood Engineering: Examination Revision for JSS 2 Students

Get answers to common questions about metal and wood engineering in simple terms suitable for students in junior secondary school. Learn about types of metals, wood properties, tools used, safety precautions, and more! Metal and Wood Engineering: FAQs for Students What is metal engineering? Metal engineering involves working with metals to create useful products and

Examination Basic Technology JSS 2 Second Term Lesson Notes

SECTION A Accidents can be caused by any of the following EXCEPT A. Carelessness B. Concentration C. Faulty tools D. Fatigue The following items are needed to access the internet on the phone EXCEPT A. Browser software B. Data C. Phone D. Memory Card The tendency of a metal to break easily is called A.

Exploring Mechanical Drives: Belts, Chains, and Gears

HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENT. 1. Define the following terms a. Belt drive b. Chain drive c. Gear drive. 2. State three advantages of chain drive over belt drive. 3. State 5 mechanical devices that use belt drive 4. Mention 5 Machine using chain drive.     JSS 3 (BASIC 9) BASIC TECHNOLOGY SECOND TERM WEEK 1 TO
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