Basic Technology Revision Questions Year 8


1 *The property which causes a metal to return to its original shape after being bent or stretched is known as __*

(A) Conductivity

(B) Ductility

*(C)* Elasticity

(D) Malleability

(E) Plasticity

2 *Ability of a metal pick small pieces of iron or pin is called __*

(A) ductility

(B) conductivity

(C) malleability

*(D)* magnetic

(E) none of them

3 *Ductility is the ability of a metal to ____*

(A) conduct electricity

(B) conduct heat

(C) resist elasticity

(D) resist heat

*(E)* be drawn to thin wire

4 *Which of the following is a good conductor of heat?*

(A) Wood (B) Plastic *(C)* Copper (D) Paper (E) Sand

5 *If wood is burnt we obtain ___*

(A) coal

(B) charcoal*

(C) gas

(D) water

(E) nothing

6 *Which of the following is required to do work?*

(A) Heat

(B) Chemical

(C) solar

(D) electrical

*(E) energy*

7*Chairs, tables and beds require regular maintenance; as a result, the screws are tightened using: _*

(A) hammers

(B) file

(C) punches

(D) mallets

*(E) screwdrivers*

8 *The following are wood working machine EXCEPT*

a. Band saw

*b. Centre lathe*

c. Circular saw

d. Drill press

9 *What is been used to tightening a faulty pipe in plumbing is*

a. Pipe Wrench

b. Plumbing hooker

c. Pliers

d. Pipe rollers

10 *Without a spark plug in an internal combustion engine, a car cannot start.*

True or False


11 *Which of the following is not a part of a water closet?*

a. Flushing lever

b. Overflow outlet

*c. Evaporator fan*

d. W.C pan

12 *An electrode can be either an*

*a. Anode/cathode*

b. N-type/P-type

c. Diode/cathode

d. Anode/diode

13 *Two commonest semi-conductors materials are?*

a. Copper and gold

b. Silver and zinc

c. Silicon and copper

*d. Germanium and silicon*

14 *Triodes are used as?*

a. semiconductor

b. Anode

*c. Amplifiers*

d. Metals

15 *Tile used for walls and floors in building is a product from*

A. metals.

B. glass.

C. concrete.

*D. ceramics.*

16 *Which of these is used as head protection device in workshop.*

A. Shield

B. Helmet

*C. Gloves*

D. Belt

17 *The machine used in banks for financial transaction is referred to as*

*A. Automated Teller Machine.*

B. Automation Teller Machine.

C. Automating Teller Method.

D. Automated Teller Mechanical.

18. *Machines that operate mainly with fluid are*

*A. hydraulic.*

B. pneumatic.

C. milling.

D. gas.

19 *Drawing can be classified into two major groups namely:*

*a. Artistic drawing and engineering drawing*

b. Piping drawing and geometrical drawing

c. Mechanical drawing and electrical drawing

d. Building drawing and piping drawing

20 *Drawing paper should be stored in files or…………*…

*a. scrolls or nylon jackets*

b. school bags

c. left on the drawing board

d. centre of notebooks

1. *An angle which is greater than 180 degree but lesser than 360 degree is called*

(A) acute angle

(B) obtuse angle

*(C)reflex angle*

(D) a revolution

2 *The Tool for shearing cloth into pieces is called __*

(A) knife *(B) pair of scissors* (C) needle (D) screw driver (E) pliers

3 *The process of transferring the details of the plan of a building from drawings to the ground is called __*

(A) walling

(B) planning

(C) foundation

(D) concreting

*(E) setting out*

4 *Which of the following is not part of site preparation tool*

(A) rake (B) axe (C) spade (D) cutlass *(E) pliers*

5 *Driving tools exclude __*

*(A) screw driver* (B) hammer (C) punch (D) mallet (E) saw

6 *A saw is an example of ___*

*(A) cutting and pairing tool* (B) marking out tool

(C) driving tool

(D) measuring tool

(E) none of them

7 *The bench appliance which is used to hold work is called __*

(A) bench vice

(B) bench hook

(C) stop

(D) peg

(E) saw

8 *Another name for natural rubber is*

*(A) latex*

(B) catapult

(C) manufactured rubber

(D) chemo-natural rubber (E) synthetic rubber

10 *One of the following is NOT an example of ceramics*

(A) clay (B) bricks

*(C) plastics* (D) tiles

(E) tea cups

11 *Malleability is a property of _*

(A) wood (B) ceramic (C) rubber *(D) metal* (E) plastic

12 *In Nigeria the normal voltage in the PHCN line in residential houses is __* (A) 100V(B) 110V (C) 240V *(D) 230V* (E) 320V.

13 *One of this is not a wood preservative*

*(A) flint* (B) paint

(C) coal tar (D) creosote

(E) French polish

14 *The handy appliance for boiling water in a cup or bucket is called ___*

*(A) heater* (B) stove

(C) kettle

(D) water coil (E) cooker

15 *Example of a country practicing under-developed technology is____*

(A) Russia (B) Germany (C) USA (D) Japan *(E) Burkina Faso*

16 *____ is a responsibility of everybody*

*(A) learning about technology* (B) preaching (C) mathematics (D) treatment (E) travelling abroad

*The acronym for Integrated circuit is ____* *(a) IC* (b) IG (C) IT

19 *Basement floors is a type of floor*

True or false


20 *Windows are provide in order to allow air and light into the building*

True or false



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